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A vampire and Hitler walk into a bar…

​What do a guy with a face that looks like a butthole, an Irish vampire and Adolf Hitler have in common? Do you know? Here’s the answer: They’re all characters in an awesome, hilarious TV series called “Preacher”. Now, I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV… But when I do, I watch some […]

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Looks DO matter on YouTube

Your video thumbnails look like shxt, my friend. I’m right, right? I thought so… I constantly see creators making the mistake of doing TOO much on their thumbnails and ending up with a big mess. And, an ugly thumbnail leads to bigger problems… An ugly thumbnail means no views for that special new video you […]

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You dont need 4k watch hours and 1k subs

​Waiting for daddy YouTube to allow you to make money is not the life I want for you. This is a BIG mistake new YouTubers make because they simply don’t know better… By now, you SHOULD know better… Because I constantly preach about this stuff like it’s the second coming of Young Thug. But, there’s the problem: KNOWING that […]

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YouTube is back breaking work

I was in agony. I couldn’t bend over without feeling like my lower back was plotting to kill me… Don’t let ​the YouTube grind do this to YOU… I’ve been suffering from some annoying back pain for the past few months. The worst part was when I was working out and my back decided to betray […]

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