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Are you wasting your time like this?

Today I realized the thing you’re searching for…might be right under your nose! Let me tell you the story: This morning I was happy AF… Today was the day for me to pick up my new glasses. Why would that make me happy? Because I knew these glasses would upgrade my drip immensely! (What’s drip? […]

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Don’t be a lazy YouTuber…

Listen up young g: I’ll be answering your YouTube marketing and online business questions LIVE tomorrow. The stream will start 2PM (GMT). You’ve had the chance to submit your channel and questions for review in the emails I sent earlier this week… If you do not show up on stream, you WILL NOT have your […]

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Send me your channel link so I can fix it

I want to help you achieve your YouTube goals… I’m planning to do a livestream this Saturday, where I’ll answer your questions about YouTube marketing, online business and maybe review some YouTube channels and give them some pointers in the right direction. All you need to do: Is fill out the form linked below in […]

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I sacrificed YouTube views for more money and I’d do it again

​​Here’s the story: In 2017, I stopped caring about growing my YouTube channel… Amassing 20k+ subscribers didn’t matter because I had a variety channel. Which means my subscribers want different things… I’ve played many different games, made different kinds of content and I experimented A LOT with my channel. Plus: YouTube doesn’t send your videos to ALL […]

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