This 1:58 min video got 782k views on YouTube, here’s why

A comment flew in from a “YouTube For Noobs” student last week:

“Sweet vid. I made this video back in October… And thanks to your SEO help its got around 700k+ views. Im actually doing this video again for rebranding purposes.​”

– NobleArcade


700k+ views? It sounds like NobleArcade hit GOLD!

What would you do if you had a video with 700k + views?

(I’ll tell you the CORRECT answer in a moment)

NobleArcade made a video on how to change your psn ID when it was only in BETA…

This was an INCREDIBLE opportunity and he jumped on it…

(I respek people who take initiative like this highly!)

Then, he applied the SEO strategy I share in Module 5 of the “YouTube For Noobs” system…

And, now he’s STILL ranking in the top 10 search results when you search YouTube for “how to change psn id​​”.

His video actually ranks above the OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION video on the same subject!

That’s how POWERFUL this strategy is…

And, that’s not all:

NobleArcade’s channel is consistently growing now…he’s gained over 7k subscribers so far…

This is because NobleArcade made a smart strategic decision…he knew the correct answer to the question I asked you earlier…

The correct answer (if you want to grow your channel) is to DOUBLE DOWN and make similar content to the video that blows up!​

But, regardless of what future content he chooses to make…NobleArcade’s video will continue to bring him VIEWS and SUBSCRIBERS FOREVER!

I’ve already told you how effective playing the long game on YouTube can be… and this is just another in a long line of examples…

And, you can be the next success story I share in an email, it’s really simple to do…

Just go here to learn more about the YouTube For Noobs system and how you can use it to your advantage:

All the best,

Jay “Long Game Player” Cartere


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