Starting today... you can get Thousands of views on your YouTube videos (while you sleep)...if you follow this Simple system

Revealed on this page…

  • How anyone can become a full-time gaming YouTuber (you probably know it’s harder than it LOOKS, but it’s also easier than you think).
  • Getting views on your videos in the first 72 hours is very important, right? WRONG! I’ll explain why.
  • The 3 biggest, easy-to-fix mistakes gaming YouTubers make (you’re shooting yourself in the foot and hurting your channel growth if you do ANY of these things).
youtube certified marketer

Dear Fellow Creator,

According to Bernstein Research, 96.7% of ALL videos on YouTube never get over 10,000 views.

Also, according to Convergence: The International Journal of Research, 96.5% of YouTubers don’t make enough money to live above the U.S poverty line…

Looking at the facts, it’s not surprising that most people give up on their YouTube dreams…

Because they’re BROKE and adsense is unreliable!

But here comes the good part:

What if I told you there’s a way you can get more views in your SLEEP?

What if you could pay your bills by playing games you love and leave your boring 9-5 grind (and annoying boss) behind?

What if you could make gaming videos for people who LOVE your content, even if you have NO talent, NO previous experience and NO subscribers?

Well, I have a system that will allow you do all of the above. I’ve taught it to many gaming YouTubers...

Now I’m willing to teach it to you. Here’s the story:

If you struggle to get over 100 views on your videos even though you’ve spent HOURS trying to promote it all over social media…

If you try to stay consistent with your uploads but it’s stressful for you to find time between working at your job and spending time with your family…

If your YouTube channel isn’t bringing in even NEARLY the amount of money you hoped it would…

If you’ve found it hard to get people to ACTUALLY support your videos and your channel…

Even if you’re channel is doing okay but you want to learn MORE about how YouTube actually works...

Then you’re about to read the page you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Here’s why:

There’s a way to get more views, more subscribers and go full-time on YouTube without wasting years of your life trying to learn what actually works and what doesn’t.

 And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most YouTubers do when they’re struggling to get more views on their videos is:

Try to post their video links all over their social media…

Waste their time doing “sub for sub”...

And try to promote themselves in the comment sections of other YouTube channels.


But for most people, none of that works. 

  • The primary problem is that nobody cares about your videos until you make them care. It won’t matter how many times you post your links if you don’t actually know how to make “good content”.
  • Most people think “social media promotion” is JUST posting links on your timeline and sending those links to other people. That strategy will push people away and you’ll (rightly) be labelled a SPAMMER.
  • Sub for sub does NOTHING good for you because a subscriber that doesn’t subscribe FOR YOUR CONTENT probably won’t watch your videos...
  • If you try to promote yourself on another YouTuber’s videos and you do it WRONG, you’ll either get a LOT of negativity and backlash, or you’ll get ignored.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?


You keep uploading videos that nobody watches...until one day you can’t take it anymore and you give up on your dream, like so many others have already.


And when people ask what happened to your channel, you mutter something like... “gaming was too saturated on YouTube”.

How A Dude In A Robe Got 438,433 YouTube Views In His Sleep (without even TRYING)

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story:


Hi, I’m Jay Cartere.

I'm a *YouTube Certified* marketer and I live a life of ultimate freedom.

I get to wake up and do what I WANT to do every day.

But that wasn't always the case...

how to go full time on youtube

When I first started uploading gaming videos to YouTube I had NO CLUE what I was doing.

I was just another broke-ass college student but I had an idea I thought was SOLID...

I thought playing a popular game would automatically bring MILLIONS of views to my channel (you KNOW what happens next if you’ve tried this!)

So I decided to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 when it released….

And something interesting happened:

I uploaded over 103 GTA 5 let’s play videos and I discovered my prediction was DEAD WRONG.

A bunch of bigger YouTubers (and small YouTubers) had decided to play the same popular game I did…

I guess that’s why they’re called “popular” games…

So I didn’t get the major boost of views I hoped for at all.

BUT, what I DID get was a LOT of data. Let me explain.

When you upload so many videos, so consistently, you start to see the pattern of what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.

A Few Videos Performed WAY Better Than The Rest…

Most of my videos were getting around 20 views (if I was LUCKY) but some videos were bringing in over 10,000 views...

I knew there was something happening there so I decided to figure out why.

Here’s the interesting part:

Over the past 3 years I’ve tested many videos and video types. I’ve also played many different games on my channel.

I’ve used all my years of trial and error, optimizing and strategizing to create a system that allows me to get MORE views with LESS effort, while I SLEEP!

In fact, in December 2018, I only uploaded 4 videos on YouTube and my channel brought in:

  • 956 New subscribers
  • 746,611 Minutes of watch time
how to get more views on your youtube gaming channel

Only uploading 4 videos is basically a “vacation month” for me. I decided to take a break for the holidays (as you do)...


But here’s the crazy thing:


The 4 videos I uploaded all got less than 1,000 views in December…

And the worst part is, most gaming YouTubers have NO IDEA about the system I’m using.

I’m Able To Use This Simple System To Make My Videos Rank 1# On YouTube And Do What I LOVE For A Living.

This means that I DON’T CARE how many views a video gets in its first WEEK.

I don’t NEED to.


Videos can take a few weeks or months to start ranking… but when they do:


Imagine getting views and subscribers from a video FOREVER.

Imagine being able to take A MONTH OFF, chill watching netflix with your family and STILL getting 438,433 views on your gaming channel!


Imagine getting all those views while you sleep peacefully... no more long, tedious nights copying and pasting your link to every social media site you can think of!

I can make the videos I want, play the games I want, and wake up when I want - all because of this system.

And I spend less than 5 minutes a week promoting my videos...

The Freedom I Have Now Is PRICELESS.

But I couldn’t stop there...

I felt that it was my responsibility to share this system with other ambitious gaming YouTubers…

To keep you from spending the many years I had to spend, learning what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.


Because in 2016, I was close to being homeless…

I had less than $1,000 to my name and times were tough.

YouTube wasn’t paying my bills and things were NOT looking up...


I thought about quitting more than a few times…

But there’s more:

Learning from my mistakes, pushing through the hard times and figuring out a system that works consistently got me where I am today.

Now, you don’t need to go through what I went through. (HOV did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that!)

I wanted to share my system in a simple step-by-step format that allows you to get views in your sleep and become a full-time YouTuber.


There’s More Than Enough Success To Go Around!

The more YouTubers that become successful and build lives they love - the less bitter trolls we’ll get in the YouTube comments section!

I believe that if you want to make the world a better place, you gotta do it one person at a time.

Each YouTuber I help to become successful and live a life they love and enjoy - is another step closer to a better, less toxic, world.

And if I can do it, in a robe, in poverty, in my bedroom - you can do it too.

The thing is:

I’ve taught this system to many aspiring YouTubers but I found that some people couldn’t afford my consulting price (I charge a minimum of $350 an hour).

And I’ve seen that many people don’t actually USE advice and take ACTION when it’s given to them for free.

First, I packaged the YouTube For Noobs system in my book "A Gamer's Guide To Greatness".

But, I knew I could explain and teach the system even better in video format...

That’s how and why I created the one and only YouTube For Noobs Course!


So you can learn my YouTube For Noobs system at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

This system has brought my own channel more than:

  • 14,375,228 MILLION views
  • 68,918,368 Minutes of watch time
  • 34,138 Subscribers
  • An income of over $3000+ a month
  • Over 2,584 videos (I tested and experimented with MANY videos so YOU don’t have to)
how to get more views on your youtube gaming channel
how to get more subscribers on your youtube channel

You may be thinking:

“But You Have Over 33,368 Subscribers, It’s EASY For You”

And I understand where that’s coming from. But here’s the thing:

I’ve used my YouTube channel as a guinea pig, so I have built a community of a VARIETY of subscribers that want different types of videos…

I’ve experimented with my channel A LOT, so you don’t have to.

Because of that, only 2.5% of my watch time actually come from my subscribers.


Every time I released a video in the past 3 years, it was like starting my channel from scratch!

As you can see above, nearly ALL of my views come from NEW people who have never heard of me before...

And I’ve still created videos that rank #1 on YouTube, bring me views in my sleep and earn money by using this system.

get more views on your youtube gaming videos
get more views on your youtube gaming videos
get more views on your youtube gaming videos
how to rank on the first page of youtube
get more views on your youtube gaming videos
get more views on your youtube gaming videos

That’s why the YouTube For Noobs system will work WONDERS for you if you use it from day 1 of starting your YouTube channel.

And don’t worry, if you follow this system you’ll have much more than 2.2% of your subscribers watching your videos - as long as you don’t do a bunch of crazy experiments like I did (and STILL do to this day).

And it’s not just me.

This System Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

This system has already helped other small YouTubers like you get views in their sleep, make their videos rank #1 on YouTube and get on the right path to doing what they love for a living.

But don't take my word for it....


Look at the proof of this system in action below:

"This course provides eternal value for all creatives that want to build a following online and bring in views, subscribers, and money FOREVER!"

I bought the YouTube For Noobs course.

My main concern about buying this product was the quality and value I'd be getting for the money I was paying.

Because there's tons of courses sold online that sometimes aren't the best. However as you'll later see in this review, it was completely worth every penny!

The product has helped me delve deep into improving my YouTube skills, growing my channel and finding out about numerous gems that you would otherwise have to work on YouTube for years to find out about.

This course provides eternal value for all creatives that want to build a following online and bring in views, subscribers, and money FOREVER!

I HIGHLY recommend buying this course as the benefits you get from it are simply out of this world for the price charged.

The thing I learned that helped me the most was the importance of building your own brand and identity online.

This will help you build a community that will support your works and allow you to sell products to your audience.

1) You'll undergo a massive mindset shift that will let you move away from constantly obsessing over how many views and subscribers you're getting and help you focus on putting in the work to improve on YouTube as well as help you see the bigger picture.

2) The course will teach you how to properly promote your videos using social media instead of doing sub4sub and begging people to watch your videos

3) You'll find out how to make more money with your YouTube channel

I would 100% recommend this product to anybody who wants to build their own channel or business from the ground up on YouTube.

The course holds so much value that you simply wouldn't get anywhere else. 

Nothing in the course is sugar-coated, so you'll be able to find out how everything is really like on YouTube and the steps you need to be taking to make a living on YouTube without becoming famous.

MaxGamer7  //  Gaming YouTuber

MaxGamer7 uses the YouTube For Noobs system to get more views, rank 1# on YouTube and build his brand.

He's having AMAZING results because he's following the system and putting in the work!

"I would tell anyone who is wanting to make a living on youtube to get this course."

The product I bought was the YouTube For Noobs course.

My main concern about buying this course was to see if it was legit. I have come across many who promise alot and never deliver upon that promise.

So far, I will say the course has helped on fine tuning a few things I knew about YouTube.

The thing that I learned that helped me the most was The SEO and marketing.

The main problem was for me was getting views but thanks to this course it has helped in focusing what I need to look for. I am still testing a few things but so far I am impressed with the teachings.

I will say this course helps in knowing what you should aim for and look for in regards to being a YouTuber.

Another benefit of the course is it helps you understand the expectations upon being a YouTuber and last but not least, it makes it all understandable.

Alot of people who want to be youtubers will go all over for help and be hit with jargon, but this course is simple to follow.

I would recommend this course to other gaming YouTubers.

It has helped me and I will say I know I have not finished testing a few other things of the course.

But I have been able to rank better and get more views.

I would tell anyone who is wanting to make a living on youtube to get this course.

I like the pacing, I like the lessons and I like the extras you get with the course.

If I was to add something it would be a module on presentation and structure of editing on a youtube video. A break down on when to market in a YouTube video then on what to say at strategic times to keep retention. Be it B-roll or you say/do something to grab them back.

This would be more of a watch time module added in with editing.

Robert Cowley  //  Gaming YouTuber

ion prime gamer

Robert Cowley uses the YouTube For Noobs system to get his videos seen by more people and build his brand.

"I found more than my fair share of useful information (in this guide) that more than justifies the price I paid for it."

I had a strong foundation of knowledge from watching YouTuber's like VideoCreators, Roberto Blake, and Derral Eves.

The problem was, I just didn't have information that was specifically directed towards gaming content creation on YouTube... only what I'd picked up from BC over at Client's Incoming (which was quite a bit lol).

Jay Cartere's channel content, but specifically this book bolstered the information I already had, and then fine tuned it towards gaming content.

This book was simple (in a good way), and very informative. It gives a wide array of information and suggestions that will definitely be useful to anybody looking to put up gaming content on YouTube (or even other genres to be honest)!

If I hadn't already spent countless hours ingesting other sources of information, this book would have literally been mind blowing for me with how much it would help.

The majority of the content is geared towards educating people at the very start of their YouTube journeys (which I am-- I'm just already balls deep into the research aspect), but I found more than my fair share of useful information that more than justifies the price I paid for it. 

Overall, very happy with my purchase and look forward to seeing what Jay puts out next!

Gamer Grampz  //  Gaming YouTuber

how to become a ful time youtuber

Gamer Grampz uses the YouTube For Noobs system to create videos that his audience WANTS.

And he makes these videos rank 1# on YouTube so his channel can be found by the community he's trying to reach.

gaming youtube channel tutorial video
gaming youtube channel tutorial video
more youtube views on your gaming channel
make more money with your youtube gaming channel

"(Jays advice) on SEO really opened up my eyes about how important it is to rank in search."

I needed help making simple thumbnails as well as good video titles and tags to rank in SEO in search.

Jay's thumbnail template really helped me make better thumbnails for my videos. His chapter on SEO really opened up my eyes about how important it is to rank in search.

I found Jay's book very simple and easy to understand and I love how he breaks down everything in sections as well.

I would recommend Jay's ebook to gaming YouTubers starting out because it's not about the gameplay all of the time.

They need to familiarize themselves with how YouTube runs and they need to put in the work and treat their channels more like a business cause YouTube will not do all of the work for you!!!

Christopher S. Pintado  //  Gaming YouTuber

Christopher is able to use the YouTube For Noobs system to make his videos rank on the first page of YouTube and get more views (while he sleeps).

get more views on your gaming channel
how to make your youtube gaming videos rank high on youtube
wwe gaming youtube videos
gaming youtube videos ranking

"There were various things I was looking for more guidance on, such as what to do a gaming channel on, niching down, making money off of a channel, and more."

There were various things I was looking for more guidance on, such as what to do a gaming channel on, niching down, making money off of a channel, and more.

It's a very simple, straight to the facts book, and each chapter always has examples that help you out with learning how to execute those ideas. Many chapters give you one or more options, and Jay's opinions and personal recommendation.

In addition there were some pretty cool things I learned that I wasn't aware of that will help me out with improving my channel.

I'd definitely recommend "The Gamer's Guide to Greatness". It's a short, simple, straight to the point book with great examples, concepts, and ideas that can really help out someone looking for ways to not just improve on their channel, but how those improvements can help out over the long run.

Niko Linni  //  Gaming YouTuber

The first picture below was Niko's FIRST EVER tutorial on his channel...

He's been able to get over 12,497 views on this video (and rank on the first page of YouTube) using the YouTube For Noobs system.

niko first ever gaming tutorial - ranking number 1 for search term arrows
niko first ever gaming tutorial - ranking number 1 for search term arrows

The video below even ranks on the first page of YouTube for "NAMCO tutorial" - which isn't easy because NAMCO is a BIG brand with their own YouTube channels!


"Jay has made me realise that although I started doing my YouTube channel as a hobby I need to think of it as a business if I want to break the chains of the 9-5 job and do something I am passionate about."

When I first started my channel, I knew it would be a slow journey and that it would require a lot of hard work but I was ready and willing to do all that.

However, before reading 'A Gamer's Guide to Greatness', I didn't know that I was actually making things harder for myself from the start! This book has helped me correct my course and focus in the right areas.

Firstly, Jay made me realise that my videos were not going to bring in new viewers and subs consistently. This is because i was focusing on gameplay videos or what Jay refers to as Hub content, content for your already established subs, when I needed to be doing guide or tip videos that would bring new people to my channel.

Secondly, my original plan was to get at least 500 subs before I started looking at using affiliate links or creating merchandise for my channel and brands but this book basically said what's stopping you from starting now and I realised that nothing is stopping me.

So I have started implementing links and looking at simple t-shirts to start promoting because you can start earning money and have a better income source before you get monetised at 4000 hours and 1000 subs.

And lastly, Jay has made me realise that although I started doing my YouTube channel as a hobby I need to think of it as a business if I want to break the chains of the 9-5 job and do something I am passionate about.

I would recommend Jays 'A Gamers Guide to Greatness' book to EVERYONE who is thinking about making a YouTube channel that they can make a living from and not just gamers.

His thoughts and advise do not just apply to gaming channels and will help anyone progress in their YouTube career.

Jonny Webb  //  Gaming YouTuber

Jonny used the YouTube For Noobs system to get his FIRST TUTORIAL VIDEO ranking in the top 3 videos on YouTube for beginner tips in PUBG. 

PUBG is one of the MOST SATURATED games on YouTube...

 And Jonny had less than 100 subs when he released this video!

As you have seen this system will work for ANY GAMING CHANNEL at ANY SIZE.


If you’ve ever suspected - like most ambitious YouTubers I know - that it IS possible to succeed on YouTube and make a living as a small YouTuber…

You now have proof it’s true.

An Extra $3,000+ A Month...Playing Games

Please read my large luscious lips:


This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme.

This is an actual business that can earn you upwards of $3,000 a month.

You can run your channel from ANYWHERE in the world…

And yes, you could ditch your job and use my system to do something you LOVE for a living. 

Here’s the interesting thing:

If you’d like to hire me for a 1 on 1 coaching session, that would cost you a minimum of $350 for 90 minutes.

Using this system can make you an extra $3,000+ a month (like it’s done for me) doing something you actually wake up excited to do.

My results are not typical - you will have your own results.

You can make MUCH more if you really wanted to, but your results will depend on you and the work you’re willing to put in…(are you up for the challenge?)

However, If you spend the next year trying to figure things out yourself, you will most likely make $0 - like I did for YEARS when I was starting out on YouTube. 

(And that was back when you didn’t need 1,000 subscribers and 4000+ watch time hours to monetise your channel!)

That’s potentially an extra $36,000 you’re missing out on for every year you don’t build your YouTube gaming channel into a side-hustle (or full-time gig) correctly…

How many extra years do you want to be working at a job that makes you want to sleep in and bury your head, deep into the darkest depths of your pillows - instead of waking up and leaping out of bed with a passionate (healthy) OBSESSION with your work?

Luckily for you, I’ve packed all my knowledge and years of experience into the YouTube For Noobs course…

It’s all here for you to watch, learn and put into practice from the comfort of your own home and it’s ONLY $197


For MUCH less than the price of a year at college/ can learn how to get views in your sleep and make money with your gaming channel directly from me.

Imagine discovering USEFUL information that you can apply IMMEDIATELY...

From someone who ACTUALLY DID IT.

While, not having to waste 4+ years of your life AND tens of thousands of dollars...


This is stuff I usually charge a minimum of $350 to teach to people for 90 minutes, but you'll learn every secret here for $197…

Expect the price of this course to rise in the future...

This course is unquestionably worth thousands of dollars because I personally made tens of thousands of dollars with this system in 2018 and I will continue to earn more as time goes on.

This special price is ONLY for the most ambitious YouTubers who are willing to take action immediately.

Can’t I Learn This For Free Online?

Sure, you could go and scrawl the interwebs, searching YouTube, Google and other sites to try to piece together all the information you get here.

There is a lot of good quality free stuff out there.


Even I’ve uploaded over 100 free videos on my YouTube channel that will teach you to how to grow your gaming channel.


But, it could take you months...or years... for you to find EVERY piece of information you need to take you from A to Z.


And I haven’t seen ANY REAL and ACTIVE gaming YouTubers showing you how to grow your channel and build a real business…

That’s a big reason why I started sharing this information and my experiences with you.

And it gets worse:

It could take you years (like it took me) to use trial and error to find out which things ACTUALLY work for YOU.


The sad truth is not all of the information you find out there is good. Not all of it is proven.


Another problem is that people usually don’t ACT on FREE information…

You’ve spent hours consuming FREE information already. Ask yourself:


How much of it have you ACTUALLY used?

Hear me loud and clear:

If you don’t want to spend years going through the trial and error process like I did...

If you don’t want to search the internet spending HOURS trying to find PROVEN advice that ACTUALLY works...

If you don’t want to waste even more time trying to piece together the information you need to succeed (and avoid using information that is TRASH)…

If you don’t want to be stuck with a ton of information but no CLEAR DIRECTION to go in...

This course is for YOU.

YouTube For Noobs will drastically shorten your learning time on YouTube because you’re following a PROVEN SYSTEM that works…

With EVERYTHING that you need to know in ONE convenient place you can access whenever you need to…

If you’ve read this far, it’s obvious you’re an ambitious YouTuber who isn’t willing to end up being one of the 96.5% of YouTubers that aren’t making enough money to go full-time.

You know you can have more than that and you WANT it.

So, let me help you on your journey to play more games and do what you enjoy every day.

get more views on your youtube gaming channel

Here’s What’s Included:

YouTube For Noobs is a complete, 100% comprehensive online learning-and-doing course that not only teaches you how to get more views, subscribers and income… but also helps you get it done while you learn.

You work at your own pace, in your own home (or anywhere you like) – go as fast or as slow as you want.

The techniques, strategies, checklists, tools and templates inside are yours to keep and apply to your YouTube channel immediately.

You can watch the course using your laptop, computer or mobile.


(But you SHOULD watch it on your laptop/computer with NO DISTRACTIONS, ready to take notes and take action!)

For Your One-Time Investment, You Get LIFETIME ACCESS…

When You Join The YouTube For Noobs Course Today, You’ll Discover:

  • How to get views in your SLEEP with my SECRET weapon (NOT doing this is why many YouTubers end up being burned out. Module 5.)
  • The sneaky method successful YouTubers use to make extra money with little effort (Module 6 and 13.)
  • The secret content planning formula that will turn viewers into subscribers (Module 4)
  • The reason why adsense is the WORST way to make money on YouTube (and how you can make MORE money with LESS views! Module 13.)
  • How to create videos people are BEGGING FOR (if you do this, your viewers may accuse you of being a psychic! BE CAREFUL! - Module 5.)

This all comes as part of the 60+ videos you’ll gain access to inside the course.


You’ll also get multiple templates and an action plan to help you keep on the right track, speed your growth up and follow the YouTube For Noobs system effectively.

But, there’s more:

I’ll also be in there answering the questions you can leave under each lesson.


And keeping the course updated so you always have access to the most up-to-date information to achieve your YouTube goals.

This is the ONLY course for gaming YouTubers who want to get more views, more subscribers and go FULL-TIME on YouTube.

An Overview Of Each Module You Will Get In The Course:

What’s my backstory, how did I get here and how can I help you?

This introduction to the course (and me) will get you up to speed with what you need to know.

You’ll learn:

  • How I make over $3000+ a month with my YouTube channel (with less than $1000 coming from Adsense)
  • What is “GOOD CONTENT”? (Explained in clear simple terms. You’ll never have to wonder if your video is “good content” ever again).
  • The best way to get the most out of this course

Too many YouTubers make the mistake of thinking of YouTube as a “job”.


If you do not understand that your YouTube channel is a business then you will SUFFER in the long term.


Like when I made a video (at around 10k subscribers) asking for subscribers to support me on patreon and I ended up getting $1…

Thank you very much to the dude that donated that dollar in my time of need, you’re a champ!

In this module I will reveal:

  • The number #1 reason why people don’t want to watch your videos (this is so easy to fix, you’ll kick yourself!)
  • The truth about Quality Vs Quantity - and which is BEST for new YouTubers to focus on.
  • Promotion in the first 72 hours of your video is really important, right? WRONG! I’ll explain why in this module.
  • The single most devastating mistake new gaming YouTubers make (Hint: it’s not about YOU)

If you start your channel in the wrong direction, it’s much harder to change course down the road…

This module will make sure you get your channel set-up RIGHT, so you don’t look like just another YouTube noob. This will help you have an easier journey to reaching your YouTube goals.

You’ll discover:

  • How to choose the right name for your YouTube channel (your channel name can either hurt or help you...)
  • What is the difference between a niche or variety YouTube channel?
  • Which type of YouTube channel will grow quicker? (if you choose this incorrectly, you will make your path WAYYY more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be). 
  • Downloadable templates to use for your channel art and video thumbnails (you can edit these to fit your channel style in photoshop or photopea).
  • The equipment you need to start your channel (no matter your budget, you can get your gaming channel set-up easily with this list).
  • How to set-up your channel so viewers feel like they HAVE to subscribe to you (if you don’t do this, you’ll look like a noob and they’ll never come back to your channel).
  • How to choose the most important game for your channel (do this wrong and you’ll waste a LOT of time and effort). 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…

That’s what the teachers drilled into my head back when I was in school - and they were RIGHT.

It’s the same with YouTube…

If you can’t create a good content plan that moves you towards your goals then you will waste a lot of time making videos that don’t help you get to where you want to be.

You’ll get:

  • The BEST method to stay consistent with your uploads (I’ll show you how to work LESS days and put out MORE content!)
  • How to build a bustling community of subscribers, HUNGRY for your next video. In less time, with less trial and error.
  • How to set a goal for your content plan.
  • A downloadable content plan template for you to fill-in easily (with instructions on the BEST plan to use for YouTubers that want to grow their channel like CRAZY). 
  • Do you mainly upload let’s play videos to your channel? (If you do, get ready to find out which types of videos you SHOULD be making if you want your channel to GROW!)
  • The highly-effective trick Game Of Thrones uses to keep you coming back for next week’s episode (use this to turn your subscribers into raving fans, itching to watch your next video!)

This module will show you how you can get VIEWS IN YOUR SLEEP so you can live off the work you do today for YEARS to come.


Some people call that: “Passive Income”.


I’ll show you how to use my SECRET WEAPON: Video SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your gaming videos so you can make your videos rank #1 on YouTube.

As well as:

  • The secret to getting your videos to rank #1 on YouTube (get more views, more money, more FREEDOM.)
  • What you must NEVER do with your tags (unless you hate getting views.) 
  • How to create videos that people already want (stop GUESSING what videos will do well. You will KNOW the BEST videos to make when you do this.)
  • Do you know the most important thing you should have in your title, description and tags? (you’ll soon find out!) 
  • Better than social media: spend less time promoting your videos and get even MORE views GUARANTEED!
  • Many YouTubers are suffering from BURNOUT, in this module you’ll discover the steps you can take to prevent this from happening.
  • Why copying the titles of bigger YouTubers is DESTROYING your chances of getting views (and what you should do instead).

Ever heard of affiliate marketing?

This module will walk you through exactly what affiliate marketing is and how you can start using it TODAY to make more money with your YouTube gaming channel.

Find out:

  • How to get paid for doing something you already do for free.
  • The sneaky method successful YouTubers use to make extra money with little effort AND help their fans at the same time (you can do it too!) 
  • How to find affiliate programs for the products and services you LOVE.
  • How to use affiliate marketing with your YouTube channel the RIGHT way (do this WRONG and you'll lose the trust of your audience).

The title pretty much sums this module up.

  • What you should never do in your end screens (if you do this you will stop people from clicking on ANY of your links)
  • How to get more people to click on your cards
  • Downloadable template for your end screens (you can simply add this to the end of your videos IMMEDIATELY). 
  • Do you know which elements you should have on your end screens?
grow your youtube gaming channel

Playlists are a tool that is rarely used correctly on a LOT of new YouTube channels.

They are worth using properly. You’ll find out why and how to use playlists in this module.


  • How to use playlists to organise your channel.
  • How to use playlists to please the YouTube algorithm (this is a SUPER EASY way to get a boost to your channel). 
grow your youtube gaming channel

If you’re uploading and releasing videos on the same day, you are not working effectively.

SCHEDULING your videos is very important for the SERIOUS YouTuber.

By the end of this module, you’ll be scheduling your videos like a champ.


  • The simple art of scheduling your videos.
  • What time should you release your videos? (Find out how to discover the best time to upload for YOUR audience) 
grow your youtube gaming channel

Social media CAN be a good way to promote your videos...but most people do it wrong.

And doing it wrong is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME.


This module will show you what you should ACTUALLY do instead.


  • The #1 thing you should NEVER DO in the YouTube comment section. (Do this and you’ll KILL your chances at collaborating with other YouTubers).
  • What never to do on your social media accounts (unless you want people to unfollow and despise you). 
  • A straight-forward strategy for promoting your videos on Instagram.
  • How to use Reddit without getting your posts totally FLOODED with HATE.
  • Why you’re using Facebook Groups WRONG (changing this will get you 10x better results AT LEAST).
  • My SPICY 4-step Twitter strategy (use this to get more Twitter followers and views).
grow your youtube gaming channel

Got a video that didn’t do as well as you hoped?

No problem.


This module will show you how you can revive that old video and give it another chance to be seen by more people.

  • A crazy simple method to boost your old videos and get more views.
grow your youtube gaming channel

Which type of content is better for your channel?

This module will give you the answer:

  • The reason why you should do more livestreams.
  • Livestreams Vs Video On Demand - which is better for your channel?
  • The pros and cons of videos and livestreams.
grow your youtube gaming channel

If you can’t make any money with your channel, you definitely won’t be able to focus on it full-time.

Don’t be a starving artist.

Don’t rely on adsense.

You need to pay your bills and have an income so you can consistently create…

This module will cure your fears of demonetization. You’ll discover different ways you can earn money so you don’t have to worry about your videos being demonetized ever again.

  • The sneaky trick big companies use to get YOU to promote their products.
  • The reason why adsense is the WORST way to make money on YouTube (and how you can make MORE money with LESS views!) 
  • 7 simple business models for your channel (you can start using these today to earn more money with your channel). 
  • Why relying on Patreon is a DANGEROUS and BAD IDEA.
  • DEMONETIZATION-PROOF methods to make money with your gaming channel.
grow your youtube gaming channel

By now in the course, you'll have your business model and you'll know how you’re going to make money with your channel.

Congratulations, you’re already doing better than 95% of YouTubers out there!

Next, you need to get people to SEE what you’re promoting...

This module will show you exactly how to use your channel to advertise your business (or anything you like).


  • The top 3 places you NEED to be promoting your stuff (this is EASY and you can get BIG RESULTS!)
  • Why Pre-roll ads are bad for new YouTubers.
  • Why having ads that LESS people see can make you MORE money.
  • How Phillip Defranco makes sponsored content fit seamlessly into his videos and how you can too (use this technique to make more money and get less hate comments!) 
grow your youtube gaming channel

The conclusion, the wrap-up, the end:

  • A conclusion video where I show you what you should to do next.
grow your youtube gaming channel

Because I’m a cool dude, I added even MORE information for you to use to get more views and go full-time on YouTube.

You’ll get:

  • An action plan PDF to print,  follow and use through the whole course. This will keep you on track with a step-by-step action guide so you get through the course with the BEST results.
  • A list of resources including: books, templates, checklists, videos, tools and other information to help you make the jump to full-time creator as quick as possible.

Oh, you thought that was it?

Of course not!

You know I have to hit you with these FIRE bonuses to help you make sure you hit your YouTube goals:


In addition to the hours of actionable content included in the course, I’ve also added 4 videos with specific bonus strategies you can use on your channel immediately.

In these videos, I tackle some common misconceptions people have about YouTube and I reveal the TRUTH!

I’ll continue to add to this list over time and answer the most common questions asked by students.


If you wanted to hire me to create a channel strategy for you, that would cost you at least $177, likely more, depending on what you need.

Each of these videos and strategies are worth WAY MORE than $22 each, but you get a DEEP DISCOUNT:



  • How to create a SUCCESSFUL let’s play channel (it’s NOT by uploading as many let’s plays as possible..)
  • Why MORE dislikes can actually HELP your channel…(YouTube algorithm DECODED for NOOBS!) 
  • What you should do if someone has already made the video you want to create (it’s probably not what you think!)
  • The reason why your promotion strategy SUCKS! (and how you can FIX that).

Access to my private Discord server 
(Retail Value: $97 a month)

Being a YouTuber can be a lonely road.

One of the biggest reasons people quit YouTube is because of a lack of motivation and support. 

In this Discord server you will become part of a welcoming community of ambitious YouTubers who you can connect, collaborate and chat with. So you can build your dream with a team.

When I launch the full Grow On YouTube Academy group coaching program, it will cost at least $57 a month...

  • Have your burning questions answered by me and other members of the community.
  • Connect and collaborate with me and fellow ambitious gaming YouTubers like you.
  • Share your journey, milestones and experiences with like-minded people.
  • Join a supportive community that will leave you inspired and motivated to take action.

YouTube For Noobs Ebook (Retail Value: $197)

If you’re not able to log on and watch through the course, you can always scroll through this ebook.

This ebook is packed with all the information you need to build your YouTube channel and business on the go.


The YouTube For Noobs ebook is usually sold separately for $47.

(This book was previously titled: "A Gamer's Guide To Greatness")

You'll get 158 value-drenched pages. No fluff, no rambling, just straight KNOWLEDGE.

You can read this book quickly and start using the YouTube For Noobs system today.

  • Download this ebook to study the YouTube For Noobs system wherever you go.
  • The book is available in PDF format so you can read it on any and all devices - at your convenience.
  • If you need a quick reference to make sure you’re on the right track, this ebook has you covered.

The YouTube For Noobs System Works For ANYONE

The YouTube For Noobs course is specifically for gaming YouTubers...

But the YouTube For Noobs system can help ANY type of YouTube channel get more views, rank 1# on YouTube and make more money.

Again, don't take my word for it....


Look at the proof of the system in action below:

"I now have the tools and resources to continue to grow, and also have more knowledge on how to create a business from my channel."

Jay’s consultation really helped to clear a path and see the direction I want to go with my channel!

He helped me figure out goals for my channel, and gave me steps to get there.

Our conversation was motivating, and it reminded me of why I started Youtube, which is to pass on knowledge to people who need it. 

I now have the tools and resources to continue to grow, and also have more knowledge on how to create a business from my channel.

I can’t wait to book another session to learn more!

Winstone Crandon  //  Men's Haircare YouTuber

Winstonee used my advice and the YouTube For Noobs system to make his videos rank 1# on YouTube. 

Winstonee has also used the system to create multiple revenue streams and make more money with his YouTube channel.

more views on youtube
more views youtube video

"The advice and action plan that I received from Jay Cartere is invaluable."

The advice and action plan that I received from Jay Cartere is invaluable.

My consultation was such an eye opening experience on how to grow my YouTube channel because Jay has a way of explaining complex information in a concise, meaningful, easy-to-understand way.

In as little as 2 days, I have started seeing results from following the action plan that Jay designed for my channel.

I highly recommend his services.

Adrienne Elle  //  Tech YouTuber

I helped Adrienne apply the YouTube For Noobs system to her videos to help them rank higher on YouTube.

I also helped her create a content plan that focused on making videos that her target audience WANTS instead of wasting her time making videos they wont watch.

more views on your youtube videos
more views on your youtube videos
more views on your youtube videos

"Jay not only showed me what kind of content to make, but he taught me how to get people to watch that content using SEO tactics, thumbnails and social media promotion."

I knew starting a YouTube channel was a potential method I could use to grow my online business, but I didn't really know how.

I had no idea where to start, what my focus should be and I had huge confidence issues in front of the camera.

Jay not only showed me what kind of content to make, but he taught me how to get people to watch that content using SEO tactics, thumbnails and social media promotion.

These tips not only helped me grow my channel, but also helped my business grow as many subscribers have gone on to become customers in my online store.

Having more of a plan (as opposed to just winging it) helped me a great deal when it came to my confidence issues too. 

I now know what I'm doing and how to use the content when it's filmed, so it's less and less nerve wracking every time I sit down in front of the camera!

While I've benefitted from several of Jay's products and services, I would recommend his book to beginner YouTubers as it throughly covers everything you need to know when starting out.

Once you've covered everything in there and your channel is growing steadily, I'd suggest a consultation or two to help you take it to the next level.

Aysh Banaysh  //  Piercing YouTuber

Aysh uses the YouTube For Noobs system to create videos that rank 1# on YouTube and grow her online business and personal brand.

She has also used the system to build a community of people interested in the main subject of her YouTube channel.

more views on your youtube videos
more views on your youtube videos

A Few Of The Unique Features That Make This YouTube Course Different…

  • This is the ONLY course made for gaming YouTubers that will take you through the - branding, content planning, strategy, promotion AND business aspects of YouTube.
  • Clear video instruction - Simple lessons where I explain a concept or strategy and then suggest the best way to use it with your gaming channel.
  • Checklists and templates - These templates and checklists make it easy to get your channel up and growing quickly. Best of all, they are yours to keep and use over and over, as many times as you wish.
  • Q and A Comments - If you need any clarification or answers to your questions, you can simply leave a comment under a lesson and I’ll be happy to reply. You may also find your question answered by a fellow student!

Imagine Your New Life

Let’s try a little “thought experiment”.

Imagine yourself waking up on a bright, sunny morning.

You don’t wake up to an alarm.

You wake up when you’re finished sleeping.

You slide out of bed, slip on your robe, and make yourself a cup of coffee (or your favorite morning beverage).

Maybe you’re leaning back in your gaming chair, sipping your beverage, enjoying the morning sun.


You check your email, and discover you’ve made hundreds of dollars overnight, while you were sleeping.

You check your YouTube studio dashboard and you see you have thousands of new views on your videos, 47 new comments and 63 new subscribers.

You decide to spend the day doing what you want, playing games with your friends, instead of “working.”

Life is surely different than it was in the days when you had a “job.”

Fast-forward to the next day. You wake up, have your breakfast, and look at your YouTube studio dashboard again.

Imagine your excitement as you realize one of your videos has gained over 103,564 views... just by ranking on the first page of YouTube!

Alright, step back from this scene for a minute and ask yourself a very important question.

Just one question.

What if this could be your new way of life?

If that could really be true… aren’t you the least bit excited?

Can you feel the happiness that comes from knowing something good is about to happen?

How much more freedom, happiness, and joy could you be experiencing right now if your life was like the scenes you were just imagining?

Here’s another question to consider:

What if you could upload a video without worrying about how many views it gets?

I remember a few years ago, when I was eating rice and gravy for dinner.

I couldn't afford to get dressed up and hit the clubs or spend any money on luxuries like "nutritious food."

I was struggling, hoping that my next video would bring in millions of views and help my channel blow up…

Do you know what it’s like to never worry about views again?

To have videos that rank 1# on YouTube and bring you views and subscribers FOREVER?

To make money in your sleep?

Think about it – the freedom of creating what you want, when you want AND paying your bills doing just that. It happened for me.

It’s happened for plenty of others. It can happen for you, too.

The YouTube For Noobs system is the fastest, easiest, and surest way to grow your YouTube gaming channel and make more money without spamming your links and sacrificing your personal life at the altar of YouTube.

Are you ready to grow your gaming channel and do what you love for a living?

More Views Or Your Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You are protected by my 100% unconditional “More Views Or Your Money Back” guarantee.

And it’s more than a guarantee - it’s my personal promise.

Take a full 90 days and work your way through all the elements of the course.

Optimize your videos and get your YouTube content plan ready for your success..

If you are not surprised and delighted by the increase in views and subscribers, just email me within 90 days and I’ll give you all your money back promptly and courteously.


I’m taking a risk by doing this.

I can’t make you give the course back. I can’t make you forget everything you learn from the course when you join.

So you could just binge watch the course, get views in your sleep with my system, discover how to make more money with your gaming channel, then ask for a refund and rip me off - but I’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that to me!

And you take no risk at all.

Jay Cartere

What Will You Do?

Anyone can get more views, subscribers and become a full-time YouTuber using the YouTube For Noobs System.

I’ve shown you the proof that it works for me, for others, and it will work for you too.

You know that with the 90-day “More Views Or Your Money-Back Guarantee”, you are 100% protected and safe.

You’re standing at the crossroads.


To the left is the same rough, rocky roads you’ve been travelling.


To the right is the road fewer people will choose.


Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road and join us today.

And it's super EASY to order!

Simply click the button below and you will be taken to the order page.

There, you will enter your billing details. You will be sent an email with your log-in details and access to the course as soon as the payment is complete.

YES, Jay! I want to JOIN NOW!
I understand that I'll receive access to:

  • 60+ TRAINING VIDEOS (Retail Value: $1997 )
  • Q & A WITH JAY UNDER THE COURSE LESSONS (Retail Value: $1997 )
  • Ready-to-use Checklists and templates (Retail Value: $127 )
  • FREE BONUS 02: ACCESS TO MY PRIVATE DISCORD SERVER (Retail Value: $97 a month )
  • FREE BONUS 03: YouTube For Noobs Ebook (Retail Value: $197)


(with all bonuses) 


Join Now!

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YouTube For Noobs Ebook
  • Includes the FULL YouTube For Noobs system.
  • The only module that is NOT included within the ebook is MODULE 1.
  • This ebook does NOT come with the bonuses listed above.
  • The 90-day More Views Or Your Money Back guarantee is NOT available for the ebook. It is only available for the FULL COURSE.
  • This ebook comes in PDF format so you can read it on any device of your choice.
  • The download link for this ebook will be sent to your email address when you complete the purchase.


YouTube For Noobs Video Course

Get Full Access To The Course And All The Bonuses

  • Includes EVERYTHING listed above.
  • This course is the BEST way to learn the FULL YouTube For Noobs system .
  • Topics are explored much deeper in the video lessons than in the ebook.
  • You are completely covered by my 90-day More Views Or Your Money Back guarantee.  That makes this purchase is completely RISK FREE! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course help me get more views?

What if I'm not a gaming YouTuber?

How long will it take for my channel to grow?

How long do I have access to the course?

Will this course work for me?

What if I am unhappy with the course?

When does the course start and finish?

P.S. The time is now.

You’re struggling to get views on your videos and YouTube won’t promote them for you. Your chance to get views in your sleep and become a full-time YouTuber has arrived.

Are you going to be in the same position a year from now? 

Or will you go for it? Will you take action?

I look forward to getting to know you inside the YouTube For Noobs course.

All the best,

Jay Cartere


Grow On YouTube

Jay Cartere

Disclaimer: Please note that all your results are based on your effort and dedication to what is taught in this course.

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