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Is this the year your life changes?

I’m spending my Saturday mixing and mastering a bunch of beats… We setting up revenue streams for next year cuz. And, I’ll probably take some time out to record a song or 2… Because, why not? THIS is the freedom my “YouTube For Noobs” system has given me… THIS is the freedom my “YouTube For Noobs” system can give to YOU too. […]

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The REAL way to make money on youtube

Your profit is more important than the amount of YouTube views you get. There are channels out here getting a bunch of views…and making no money…how SAD! What’s the POINT??? If you’re reading this, you want to be able to do what you want for a living right? Something you actually enjoy?? Do you enjoy […]

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This is why capitalism is great for you

​Capitalism is lit my g. Do NOT be lead astray by those who try to tell you otherwise… Because the reality doesn’t match up with their hopeful theories. For example: Communism or socialism is NOT better for you if you’re broke… Those structures end up being great for politicians and their friends… While the general population are reduced to […]

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Are you sabotaging your chances to get new fans?

​Branding is super important… What does your brand say about you? What do people expect from your brand? These are questions you NEED to be asking yourself… If you’re confused about branding and you want to know how to create your brand in the best possible way…that’s all covered in the “YouTube For Noobs” course… (The price is going […]

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