Top 5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make – What NOT To Do On YouTube

Starting out on YouTube can be very disheartening and confusing but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve made a bunch of posts and videos on how to grow on youtube but this post will be going over the top 5 mistakes new YouTubers make so you know what NOT to do.

1) Spamming Other YouTubers

Spamming the videos of other people on youtube and asking people to subscribe to you, check out your channel or posting a link to your video is very tactless.

Doing this may get you a few subscribers who subscribe to you just for you to subscribe back (this is called sub for sub but we’ll discuss that later). You may also gain a few subscribers who actually want to check out your channel but the most likely result of this is you will get blocked.

If anyone comments on my videos trying to promote their YouTube channel I hide their comments on my channel and report them as spam. Most YouTubers who read their comment section will be annoyed at your attempt to siphon their hard work into your channel and at the fact that you are leaving a comment that adds nothing to the conversation at all. This can end up with you burning bridges and being unable to get in contact with people down the line.

The better approach is to leave a thoughtful comment that actually adds to the conversation. This then subtly promotes your channel link to anyone who care’s to read your comment and click on your name without being annoying.

2) Not Optimising Your Title, Tags And Description

Top 5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make - What NOT To Do On YouTube | grow on youtube

Your YouTube video title, tags and description are some of the most important things for you to get right. These 3 things can help you show up in search results and in the recommended videos tab. Neglecting these 3 sections is very detrimental to your YouTube channel.

It’s not uncommon to stumble across a small YouTube channel and see that they’ve titled their video poorly, writing something like “My awesome gameplay”, they’ve left their description blank and have entered tags that they’d never rank for.

Do not make this mistake, I have a few videos that teach you how to use your descriptions, titles and tags more effectively and I will be releasing more to help you out. Do some research, target your keywords and don’t let your videos fall into obscurity. Search engine optimisation is a huge factor in consistently growing a YouTube channel – especially when growing a small or new channel.

3) Making Videos Nobody Cares About

Top 5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make - What NOT To Do On YouTube | grow on youtube

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that people care about you or your videos. You need to persuade them to care, and you can do that by giving them what they need. Most people won’t care about how your day was or how sick your no scope shot was in Call Of Duty. You need to put out videos that people are actually looking for – tip videos and tutorials and great for this.

Imagine what the type of person that you want to be your subscriber is searching for on YouTube and make the video that caters to that.

4) Doing Sub For Sub

Sub for sub is when someone asks people to subscribe to them for a subscribe back or vice versa, either way it’s a terrible way to grow your YouTube channel.

Having inactive subs and people who have subscribed to your YouTube channel just to get you to subscribe back and boost their numbers is useless. Your subscriber count is one of the ways you can measure your growth on YouTube and analyse your channel. This quickly becomes a useless number when you have a bunch of people subscribing to you with no intention of ever watching your content.

Doing sub for sub will make it much harder to gauge your progress and adjust your content accordingly. Also, if you’re trying to do sub for sub in the comment section of other people’s videos then this is seen as spam and you may end up being blocked and burning bridges like in my earlier point – so don’t do it.

5) Not Using Playlists Properly

Top 5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make - What NOT To Do On YouTube | grow on youtube

If you’re channel page only has your uploads on there with no organisation whatsoever then you’re doing it wrong. Don’t make it difficult for people to find your videos. Make sure that your different series, topics and types of videos are in playlists.

This will make it easier for someone searching for a specific type of content to find it and then continue watching that sort of content through that playlists. Also, do not forget to put these playlists on the home page of your YouTube channel. Doing this makes your YouTube page look much cleaner, more professional and it will reduce the clicks needed for people to find your playlists and find the content they want.

I hope this post helped you stop making these mistakes and/or has prevented you from making these mistakes in the future.

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