How To Deal With Trolls And Haters On YouTube

When you start gaining views and subscribers on your journey to grow on youtube dealing with trolls and haters will be right around the corner – if you haven’t dealt with them already.

The internet is full of negative and sad individuals who love to make people upset or angry. These types of people feed off of your attention because they are dissatisfied with their lives in the real world.

Trolls are actually different from haters, trolls generally want to say outrageous things to force you to react whilst haters hate you and want to stop you prospering, but they can both be handled using the same techniques.

In this post, I’m going to share a few techniques to help you deal with trolls and haters.

1) Don’t Feed The Trolls / Ignore Them

How To Deal With Trolls And Haters On YouTube | grow on youtube

A common phrase I see online is: “don’t feed the trolls”. This basically means not to reply to trolls because that is giving them the attention they desire and this is usually the course you should take. The thing is trolls cannot be reasoned with, they do not care about logic, making points or even the truth. All they want to do is get a reaction from you.

However, ignoring negative comments is easier said than done. For example if a troll tells a lie you may feel that you need to respond in order to set the story straight and get the truth out, but trolls do not care about the truth. You replying will only make that troll create more annoying lies to get you to continue to respond.

The best way to deal with these people is to hide their comments on your channel. This stops them from responding and trolling on anymore of your videos and it also deletes their comment. Deleting their comment is very important as a comment section filled with negativity will attract more negative comments. Instead of letting a troll start a chain reaction of negativity, it’s best to nip it in the bud.

2) Set Time Aside To Read Comments

Getting a notification of a negative comment at a bad time can lead to you being in a bad mood or wasting time having an argument with an online gangster. This is why I suggest that you disable all email notifications for new comments and push notifications on your phone.

Instead of allowing any comments to take time out of your day or affect your mood, set aside a day and time when you can go through your comment section every week.

Being able to approach your comments and potential trolls on your terms is much better than being caught off guard with a blast of negativity. You will need thick skin either way if you want to be successful and grow on youtube but this way you can have some mental preparation before embracing the toxicity that the YouTube comment section is sometimes full of.

3) Reply With A Snappy Burn

How To Deal With Trolls And Haters On YouTube | grow on youtube

Most troll comments should just be blocked and ignored but sometimes these comments can present an opportunity. If you can turn one of these comments into a humorous burn then you and your audience can laugh at the trolls expense. This may also encourage other commenters to rise against the troll and make fun of them too.

Just be careful you don’t get lead down the rabbit hole by a troll, I suggest you only reply with one message max. A back and forth between you and a troll will only end negatively. What I usually do is apply a swift and sizzling burn to the troll and then proceed to hide their comments on my channel if they respond again. This means only their original comment and my reply to that comment will be in the thread. At that point they have to live with looking like a fool and not getting the last word.

So there you go, if you want to continue to grow on youtube and deal with trolls and haters, you should make time for burning and starving them. Pretty simple.

Just remember that random negative people on the internet do not matter and are probably lashing out because they have no life or potential. Do not allow someone that is doing nothing with their life to persuade you to quit being productive.

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