How To Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2018 – Get 1000 Subscribers Fast!

In this post I will teach you how to grow your YouTube Gaming channel in 2018!

1. Make Tip Videos, How-To Videos And Tutorials

These types of videos will help you pull viewers in, and more viewers equals more subscribers. Many people use YouTube as a search engine to try and find tutorials and video explanations of how to do something, so capitalise on that!

If you’re particularly knowledgable about a game you’re playing, then share that knowledge instead of creating 100 gameplay videos. You’ll be much more successful.

These types of videos are much more likely to rank in search compared to other gameplay videos. They also give you the opportunity to be shown as a suggested related video when someone is watching a video about the same game.

Keep in mind that  – although it’s harsh – the reality is that most people do not care about your channel. If all your videos are about you and your gameplay or whatever your doing, it will be very difficult for you to grow an audience at a reasonable pace. You need to be thinking about what you have to offer people in each of your videos. Offering people ‘entertainment’ is great, but is very much subjective. Information is information any way you slice it – just try to make sure it’s correct information!


2. Consistency Is Important

Aim to make videos regularly to keep subscribers engaged and increase your chances of potential new subscribers finding your videos.

Even if you’re not seeing a lot of attention on your videos, keep putting out more videos. In time, the views on your videos will accumulate and may become successful in a few weeks/months. In that situation it is much better to have many videos available on your channel. Also, the more videos you put out the higher chance you have that one of them is successful.

Every video you put out is another chance to reach new viewers and subscribers. You need to release at least one video a week (every day is best), but ensure that you keep the quality up because watch time is important when growing your YouTube gaming channel in 2017. If people are clicking on your video and then clicking away that will hurt your channel.

3. Pick The Right Game

Picking the right game to focus on for your YouTube channel will determine whether you get swallowed up by the sea of competition or have a chance to break out and build viewership.

Find a game that’s fun for you and not too popular, so there’s less competition. I like to use the YouTube Gaming app to see which games have the most saturated livestreams and which games will allow me to gain more exposure.

If there’s a large amount of people putting out content and streaming a game then it’s probably not going to give you a chance to get discovered. If you research on the YouTube Gaming app and find that the game you want to play has less than 50 people streaming it then that may be a good game to pick for growth as it will be easier to be discovered.

However, if there’s no one watching those streams then that’s also something to consider – you want to find a balance between low competition and reasonable viewership.


Grow on youtube | How To Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2017 - Get 1000 Subscribers Fast!

Grow on youtube | How To Grow Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2017 - Get 1000 Subscribers Fast!

4. Use Titles, Tags And Descriptions Effectively

I cannot stress enough how important good use of your titles, tags and descriptions is. It can make the difference between you ranking high in search results, bringing in viewership to your channel, and falling into obscurity with 5 views on your video.

You need to pick good keywords to increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and turn up in search engine results or in suggested videos.

Think about what people would type in the search bar to get to your video e.g How to level up quickly in whatever game. I use TubeBuddy to see if I’m ranking for my keywords and to see if my keywords are effective.

Include the keywords (or key phrase) that you are targeting in you title, tags and description so the search engines know what your video is about and can rank you accordingly. Use different variations of those key phrases so you can bring in the viewers that may type the search term you’re trying to rank for in a different way.

Even if you are not sure what you are doing, put something in your description and tags section. The absolute worst thing you can do is leave those sections blank and ignore them. Don’t give up the opportunity to rank better in search!


Grow on youtube | 10 tips on how to grow your youtube channel

5. Use Livestreams And Longer Videos To Engage Subscribers

These types of videos and livestreams are called hub content. This is the content that your subscribers return to your channel for eg. Walkthroughs, gameplay videos. This content is also important for watch time, which is very important to YouTube. With that said, do not try to make your videos longer for the sake of boosting your watch time. Increasing your watch time is essential to grow your YouTube gaming channel in 2017, but inflating your videos is more likely to have the opposite effect.

I try to livestream 4 times a week, but I suggest you try and find a schedule that works for you. Keep in mind that livestreams are very good for interacting with your community.


6. Use Social Media To Engage Your Viewers And Subscribers Outside Of YouTube

Keeping in touch with your subscribers when you’re not on YouTube is very good for community building. I use Twitter mainly, but recently I have been focusing on Discord to stay in touch with my subscribers – it’s an amazing tool.

It’s harder to get people to come and join your Discord and build your community there than it is to get them to follow you on Twitter and more mainstream social sites, so keep that in mind.

Good luck on your journey to grow your YouTube channel in 2018!

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