Will people stop watching your YouTube videos in a year?

​An interesting question, from a go-getting member of this inner-circle, was left on a recent video:

“Yo Jay! I got a question! 

You keep talking about making content that’s useful and evergreen, however if I’m making content about a game and say that game eventually dies out, people will stop caring and move onto the next one.

I could still get views from ranking in search for a few months or years when the game is out, but after a while people will just stop searching the tags I rank for right? Is that why it’s better to make videos based on irl stuff like the example you gave of pc building??​”

– MaxGamer7

This is a fair question…and I’ve got more than enough data, catalogue and experience to answer this pretty well…

Here’s the answer:

“The irl stuff can have more longevity but here’s the interesting thing: 

Even if a game isn’t at its peak popularity…people will still play it 

New people will buy it and have questions etc 

People are still commenting on my terraria and overwatch videos from YEARSSS ago 


If the game servers go down or they remove the game from digital stores THEN you may see the views dry up 

But trust me… Views will trickle in forever as far as I’ve seen 

There are billions of people in the world, you can never forget that 

Great question though max, thank you! 

I hope I helped clarify a few things for you!​”

– Jay Cartere

Evergreen content is BOSS, my friend.

I’m still eating off videos I made last year…

And, videos I made 3+ years ago…

You MUST understand that the most important C word is:

Catalogue, catalogue, catalogue…

Consistency is a close second…but a LARGE, DEEP catalogue that serves a SPECIFIC person is like a gold mine.

The videos you make today can serve people for YEARS to come…

But, ONLY if you know how to do proper research and get your videos to rank highly on YouTube…

Lucky for you:

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All the best,

Jay “Catalogue Is The Future Of EVERYTHING” Cartere


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