How To Rank Higher With YouTube Video Tags & Get More Views! (2017) – YouTube Tips

Tags are one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of video promotion on YouTube. Using tags effectively in conjunction with descriptions, titles and a good SEO strategy can do wonders for your channel.

Getting your video to rank in the YouTube search engine is the best and most reliable way to grow on youtube.

In this post I’m going to share 3 tips that will show you how to rank higher with YouTube video tags in 2017 and get more views on your videos.

1) Long Tail Keywords

How To Rank Higher With YouTube Video Tags & Get More Views! (2017) | grow on youtube

One of the most common mistakes people make when it come to YouTube video tags is that they use one word tags. This is generally a good way to waste the potential of your tags.

One word tags are usually very hard to rank for and not specific enough. Instead, focus on long tail keywords as you’ll have much more chance of ranking for them. Be very specific in your tags and imagine what someone would type into the search bar if they wanted to find your video. Try to have at least 3 words in each of your tags, phrases and sentences are best and the more specific you can be the better.


Let’s say you’re doing a film review of The Avengers On Blu Ray. The wrong thing to do with your tags would be to have the avengers in a tag and then “review” in a tag and “blu ray” in another tag. What you should do instead is put “The Avengers Blu Ray Review” in a tag together.

2) Common Keywords Amongst Your Videos

Having multiple videos that focus on a keyword or are related will help you rank and it will also help you share views between your videos through being suggested in the side bar.

Try to create series and playlists with similar content instead of doing random videos that don’t tie into any of your other content. Having a common keyword between your content will allow you to build authority around that keyword, this will help you to rank for it.


Imagine you are playing Overwatch and you realise some new thing about it that you want to share. You make your video entitled “Overwatch tip – this new great thing”. Now instead of doing that, you should name the video “Overwatch Tips – this new great thing”, make a playlist called overwatch tips and also create at least 10 other overwatch tip videos – sharing the overwatch tips key phrase between them and all their tags.


How To Rank Higher With YouTube Video Tags & Get More Views! (2017) | grow on youtube How To Rank Higher With YouTube Video Tags & Get More Views! (2017) | grow on youtube

3) Keyword Variations

Keyword or key phrase variations is simply trying to think of another way that someone would search for your video.

You want to cover as many variations as you can so that whatever that person searches they can find your video. This can be achieved by moving a few words around or using synonyms and different phrasings.


So you have your key phrase for your avengers review but you need a few variations. You have “The Avengers Blu Ray Review” but you can also add “The Avengers Review On Blu Ray”, “The Avengers Blu Ray thoughts” and more.

In addition to these tips, a great tool that I use in order to see how I rank for tags and to do tag research is tube-buddy. You can get a free version or the paid version and it’s worth it.

Check out the services I offer and my other free posts/videos if you want to make the most of your channel!

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