5 Tips On How To Be More Productive (For YouTubers) – How To Grow On YouTube

Productivity is something we can all struggle with, but getting stuff done is the only way to move forward and achieve your goals. Especially as a content creator on YouTube.

In this post I’m going to be sharing 5 tips on how to be more productive – for YouTubers.

1) Do What You Love

5 Tips On How To Be More Productive (For YouTubers) - How To Grow On YouTube

It’s easy to find excuses not to do something when you don’t enjoy doing it. If you’re making videos that you don’t enjoy making or live streaming a game you’re not having fun with – it’s not worth it. In the long run you’ll likely end up getting burnt out and or lose the desire for making content entirely. This is why you need to do what you love – make content that you enjoy making. Try to find some middle ground between what you love to make and what people love to watch and you’ll find yourself more happy, more productive and more successful.

2) Plan And Create A Schedule

5 Tips On How To Be More Productive (For YouTubers) - How To Grow On YouTube

Planning and scheduling what you need to do every day even just a week in advance will work wonders for your ability to be more productive. I suggest getting a planner or diary but you can also schedule your work in a calendar app or something like that.

Create a to do list for every day and monitor it so you know exactly what needs to be done when you wake up. Having a list of things that you know you need to complete everyday and actually looking at it and keeping it within arm’s reach will help you stay on track exponentially more than winging it and doing whatever comes up.

Plan exactly when you want to shoot new videos, when you want to edit videos, when you want to schedule those videos and when you want to release them – at the very least.

Planning a week ahead is great, but work up to planning a month in advance as organising your work and your life will lead to more success.

3) Write Down Every Single Video Idea You Think Of

Don’t wait until you’re ready to make new videos to come up with a video idea. Of course you can do that but it should only be in addition to all the ideas you come up with when you aren’t ready to make a video.

You probably think of video ideas all the time that you later forget because you didn’t write it down, I know I used to. These days I use Evernote (a free notebook application which is great for organising) to write down all my video ideas, so when it comes to the video creation process I have a bunch of topics and concepts to choose from.

It’s much easier to get more videos out and be more productive when you don’t lose any of your potential videos due to the fickleness of human memory.

4) Make Videos And Edit Them In Bulk

5 Tips On How To Be More Productive (For YouTubers) - How To Grow On YouTube

If you make a new video only when you have a new idea – you’re doing it wrong. That’s an extremely inefficient production process. The better route is to plan a group of videos in advance, collecting a bunch of ideas, filming them all in one stage and then editing them all in one stage.

Don’t film a video then edit it and then film the next video – it’s just counter productive. Editing and creating in bulk will increase your output and your productivity immensely.

5) Stop Making Excuses For Yourself

Our greatest enemy is often ourselves. Don’t let you stand in the way of your success, don’t be too hard on yourself but don’t go easy on yourself either. Only you can make your dreams a reality, don’t blame your failures on YouTube being saturated, not having enough time or any other scapegoat.

You need to take responsibility for your failures and your successes. Only then can you learn from your failures and when you stop making excuses for yourself and your lack of productivity, only then can you be more productive.

Just do it.

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