I WAS HACKED!! – How To Prevent Yourself Getting Hacked – Life Of A YouTuber Vlog – Ep 7

In this Life Of A YouTuber Vlog episode, I share my experience of being hacked and I share some tips that will help you learn how to prevent yourself getting hacked as well.

If you’re a YouTuber, streamer or you want to become a public figure in any way then you NEED to watch this video. You could be a target for hackers so learning how to make it hard for hackers to get access to your accounts is extremely important.

I was hacked because my online security was lax. I was far too comfortable with using similar passwords for all my accounts since it had never caused me any problems before. But that ignorance and laziness was ultimately my downfall, getting hacked really gave me a kick in the ass and inspired me to upgrade my security properly.

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Jay Cartere

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