Videos or Livestreams Which Is Better For My Gaming Channel?

Videos or livestreams – which type of content should you focus on for your YouTube channel?

In this post I’m going to try and help you decide whether you should be focusing your efforts on videos or livestreams on your YouTube channel.

Both types of content have their pros and cons, and both videos and livestreams can help you grow your YouTube channel. Ultimately the choice of which you focus on will depend on the time you have and a few other factors but let’s go over a few pros and cons of each type of content first.

Videos –

Videos or Livestreams Which Is Better For My Gaming Channel? | grow on youtube


  • You can put out more content
  • You can edit out your mistakes and polish a video more than a livestream
  • You can earn on your videos autonomously through adsense – passive income
  • You can gain subscribers and viewers autonomously
  • Your video can gain more views and rank highly over time
  • You can make your work schedule more flexible – through bulk creating and editing and video scheduling


  • Adsense isn’t great
  • You need to edit your videos
  • The interaction with your viewers isn’t the same as the live interaction


Videos or Livestreams Which Is Better For My Gaming Channel? | grow on youtube


  • You can interact with your viewers live
  • You don’t have to edit
  • You can get donations as well as play ads
  • You can play a game you love for long stretches of time



  • You generally have to stream for at least 3 hours if you want to grow
  • You can’t edit out any mistakes
  • You generally will not earn when you’re not live
  • You usually won’t gain many subscribers or views when you’re not live
  • Your schedule needs to be very rigid for you to grow

Videos or Livestreams Which Is Better For My Gaming Channel? | grow on youtube

These pros and cons should give you an idea of which type of content you’d prefer to focus on but let me share my opinion. I believe both videos and livestreams should be used in together for healthy growth on YouTube. The process of being able to communicate with your subscribers in a live forum is very valuable for building a community, however videos are the best way for me to bring new subscribers in the first place.

The time-cost effectiveness of videos vs livestreams makes video content the more viable option. I can create 5 new videos in the the 3 – 5 hours it takes to do a livestream that generates growth. I believe that you should focus on creating videos as it’s easier to rank, you can make passive income that grows over time and you can put out more content. Livestreams should be used to augment those videos, to interact live with the fans you’ve already generated through your videos.

Of course, if you prefer to do livestreams you can focus on that, I’m not saying that’s wrong or that it’s impossible to grow on youtube through consistent livestreaming – you can. It just seems better and more time efficient to transition to livestreaming after building a solid community and fanbase through your videos.

I hope this video helped you out.

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