95% Of YouTubers are doing this wrong

​How efficient are you at creating content?

Most YouTubers are inefficient as fuck…

They film, edit and upload a video all in the same day – this is the worst approach.

Instead, it’s more productive to segment the process…

Let me explain.

I use batch production to produce my videos. This allows me to upload consistently and save time.

I only actually work on videos 3 times a week…

Even when I’m releasing daily videos.

So how does this work?

It’s actually really simple – I film, edit and schedule my videos on separate days.

This method allows me to mass produce videos, so I never have to worry about being inconsistent with my uploads.

It also saves me a lot of stress and I don’t remember the last time I needed to rush to get a video out…

So stop working ineffectively and start creating your content using batch production.

Want to learn more about batch production and turning your channel into a well oiled machine?

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Jay Cartere

Jay Cartere

I’m Jay Cartere - a YouTube certified marketer, entrepreneur and author who teaches frustrated gamers how to grow on YouTube and turn their passions into a business. I went from poor AF to full-time online creator. Now I wake up and do what I love every day - and I want to help you do the same. When I’m not working I like to chill out with a good podcast, a good book or a good album.