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It’s good to be sceptical.

I even encourage some healthy scepticism so you don’t blend in with the sheeple out there.

But the thing is:

There comes a time when misplaced scepticism can get in the way of your progress and waste a bunch of your time…

In fact, I got a comment on one of my YouTube videos which is a PERFECT example of when being a sceptic goes wrong…

Here’s the comment:

“Hey Jay, I’m subscribed to your daily text-only email newsletter.

I remember some time ago where you wrote about how your entire channel was demonetized just because two videos got strikes for them, so you had to wait 9 whole months before the rest the un-struck videos could get monetized.

Recently, however, there was an “ask us anything” thread on Google’s support forums: (link to forum)

That question I’m providing a direct link to appears to completely contradict what you said in your newsletter.

“A channel with one or two strikes can continue to monetize. Though, with three strikes the channel is terminated – so in that case you have bigger worries than, ‘will ads appear on my uploads?”

So do you have a response to that?”

– Commenter On YouTube

This seems like a reasonable question right?

I mean, if I claim that my channel was demonetized after I received two copyright strikes…

Then a post on the google support forums claims that channels can continue to monetize after having 2 strikes on their channel…

I have some things to clear up right?

Let’s not even CONSIDER the fact YouTube updates its policies over time…

But, here’s the crazy part:

The post on the google forums was talking about COMMUNITY STRIKES… not COPYRIGHT STRIKES.

Embarrassing stuff.

A quick double-check would’ve helped this commenter answer his own question and saved us both time.

Why do I tell you this?

I have since realized this commenter is an excuse machine.

He comments on videos trying to find any excuse NOT to change what he’s doing.

What he’s currently doing on his channel is NOT working the way he’d like.

And he’s actively LOOKING for reasons to be sceptical.

Reasons to confirm that he can keep on doing what he’s been doing.

Please DO NOT let this be you. Ever.

Some reasonable scepticism is perfectly fine…

But make sure you’re not being overly sceptical in order to fuel your own excuses.

And make sure you’re OPEN TO LEARNING new things.

No matter how much you want to fight against it.

Instead of automatically shutting new ideas down…imagine: “what if this is right?”

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90 days from now, you could wake up to work on your growing gaming channel.

Replying to comments, planning future videos for your excited subscribers…

Or you can sit around being sceptical… and keep slogging along… doing the same thing you’ve been doing.

With the same results you’ve been having.

Does the second option sound like fun to you?

Me neither.

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Jay Cartere


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Jay Cartere

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