YouTuber with over 20k subs accuses Jay Cartere of being a scammer

A strange comment flew in the recently:

The commenter said something along the lines of “ur a scammer and (redacted) ​exposed you”.

(I’m not gonna promote that sh*tbag lmao)

This came in as a surprise to me…

Here’s why:

I have NEVER scammed anyone. 

Anyone who knows me understands that I DESPISE people who commit crimes with victims.

Other laws/crimes are debatable…because I believe in a person’s right to make their own choices…as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

And, there’s absolutely no information that could “expose” me. 

I believe in NOT doing stuff that you wouldn’t want people to know about.

I like to share my flaws and mistakes publicly.

So, I have no dark secrets in my closet…​

But, there’s more:

I was intrigued to see what this is about, so I went searching for the video.

I was expecting some dude with 443 subscribers would be the culprit of spreading these lies, but that wasn’t the case…

A YouTuber with over 20k subs made a hate/roast/drama video about my channel.

I’m a little surprised that an actual CREATOR (the people I have committed my life to HELPING make a living doing what they LOVE) would have any hate towards my content.

But, let’s be real:

If people aren’t hating on your stuff – you simply haven’t reached enough people…

You could cure cancer and there’ll still be haters in your comments section calling you a scammer and telling you to kys.

In this video, the YouTuber was very selective with the footage and information he showed.

He cut out anything that didn’t fit his narrative…

E.g. he made sure that his audience didn’t know I was YouTube certified… and wasn’t aware of my accomplishments or my mission.


He wanted to paint me out as a scammer, a villain and himself as the HERO.

The video wasn’t very good.

And, I’m just saying that because it’s a video about me…

I can appreciate a good commentary video as much as the next guy…

If Leon Lush or H3H3 made a video about me, I’m sure it would be HILARIOUS.

But, this video seemed like something an angry teenager would make…

This was just mean-spirited hate…

And vague claims…

Based on NOTHING…

From a gentleman that is CLEARLY not happy in his life…

I could see from his channel that it has been blowing up recently, because he started making drama videos calling people scammers…

So I get why he made the video, and why he’s going down this path.

It’s not hard to see through…and it won’t last forever…

RIP to LeafyIsHere and all the drama channels that couldn’t evolve with the times.

Here’s the thing:

In his video he was focusing on a few of my vids that had low view counts…

He conveniently missed any videos that would seem “successful”.

But, the whole premise of the video was flawed anyway…since he only focused on my view count.

Without doing any research that would take more than 20 seconds.

A very lazy argument.

This gentleman obviously doesn’t understand that:


He could learn a LOT from my content and stop having to pump out shoddy drama videos to his child audience…but that’s none of my concern.

This guy also has no understanding how YouTube ranking works. 

He cringed when he heard me say that it can take up to 6 months for your video to rank on YouTube…

So patience is not his strong suit.

The dude is also claiming I’m scamming people while providing no evidence… 

(How do you scam people who have never bought anything from you???)

Skipping over any facts that contradict his story…

The usual internet stuff…

(I’m pretty sure that’s defamation, right?)

But, here’s where it gets JUICY:

This guy has a growing channel of over 20k subs, so he’s actually just PROMOTED me for free. 

This is what you do when you spend the time to make content hating on someone – you give them more attention! 

(This is why I WON’T be spending my precious time making a response video…or mentioning this channel’s name EVER).

Of course…most of this attention is from young kids that wanna be edge lords and blindly believe things without evidence but…some reasonable, rational people will see the video and come through to MY channel…

Helping me get more SALES…and change more lives…which, as we ALL know…is MUCH better than views​.

As you can see:

In the long run…the go-getters and long-term strategists WIN over the guys chasing trends.

Next year, I’ll be making BANK off the videos that I’m making now.

Because, they’ll rank high on YouTube and bring in sales and views FOREVER.

Which will give me EVEN more time freedom to work on whatever I want to work on…or chill out.

And, my haters will still be doing the same thing they’re doing now.

But, where will you be?

Do you want to chase trends…vanity numbers…and be STRUGGLING to keep your channel afloat when the next adpocalypse hits?​

Or, do you want to be a go-getter and build a life of long term freedom? Creating systems that make you money while you sleep…so you can do what you WANT when you wake up?

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Jay “Long-term Beats Short, Always” Cartere

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