How to start an online business for FREE

Being a YouTuber, in the mainstream sense, is dangerous and fickle.

It’s not a good path for you if you’re broke and you want to make money ASAP…

Here’s why:

The adsense tap runs dry constantly (adpocalypse 3 anyone?)…

Demonetisation can sneak attack your videos at any time…

You’ll become a slave to the algorithm…which is VERY stressful and demotivating.

And, you’ll become a slave to making content for the sake of getting views…

That doesn’t sound like the life you want to create, does it?

Do this instead:

Start an online business and USE YouTube as a TOOL to market your business…

This is what I did.

And, now I make MUCH more money with WAY less views.


I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I can make whatever content I want without worrying if the video will get enough views or be demonetized…

But, you might be thinking:

“I don’t have any money to start a business”.

Here’s the good news…

I was broke af when I started out and I know EXACTLY what you should do.

You can start an online business with $0 if you follow the 5 step strategy I shared in the video linked below:

All the best,

Jay “Build A Business” Cartere

Jay Cartere

I’m Jay Cartere - a YouTube certified marketer, entrepreneur and author who teaches frustrated gamers how to grow on YouTube and turn their passions into a business. I went from poor AF to full-time online creator. Now I wake up and do what I love every day - and I want to help you do the same. When I’m not working I like to chill out with a good podcast, a good book or a good album.