Why Aren’t My Videos Getting Views? – Why You’re Not Growing On YouTube

It’s common for people to start uploading videos on youtube and get under 10 views. It’s also common for people to continue getting lackluster views for their whole YouTube career until they eventually quit.

In this video/post I’m going to tell you 6 reasons why you’re not getting the views you want. If you’re asking yourself ” Why aren’t my videos getting views”  then you should use the information in this post to reflect on your content, your channel and yourself personally and see where you can improve so you can be better.

1) You’re Not Providing Value

This is probably the most common problem I see with newer YouTubers. You can provide value in a lot of ways. The three most common ways of providing value are entertaining, informing and inspiring. Take a long hard look at your content and ask yourself “What value does this provide the viewer?”. Entertainment is probably what most people with a low amount of views would class their content as, the problem with that is entertainment is subjective and if someone doesn’t know about you already, they won’t be searching for your entertaining videos.

A likely scenario is that you may think your videos are entertaining but they might not be viewed that way by other people. Take a long hard look at your content and ask yourself “would I watch this video if it was made by someone else?”.

2) You Have No Content Plan

A content plan makes all the difference. Putting out random content whenever you want to is unlikely to garner viewership and subscribers effectively.

Make the decision of when you want to release content and what kind of content you want to release. My basic advice would be to put out informative videos to draw people into your channel and put out your inspirational and entertaining videos for the people that stay around.

The ratios of the types of videos you want to put out will vary for each person and depend on the type of content you produce. If you want to know how you should create your content plan you can hire me for a consulting session at growonyoutube.com.

3) You Have No Target Audience

Why Aren't My Videos Getting Views? - Why You're Not Growing On YouTube | Grow On YouTube | YouTube Guide

If you don’t know who your channel and content is for then it’s going to be difficult to market to them. Think about the type of person that you think would enjoy your videos. Write down their age, gender, and even their occupation. Think about what other kind of channels this person would watch and subscribe to. Then use that information to be better. Make sure that when that person comes to your channel they know they’re in the right place and they want to stick around.

4) You’re Not Using SEO To Rank Higher

Why Aren't My Videos Getting Views? - Why You're Not Growing On YouTube | Grow On YouTube | YouTube Guide

SEO is very important, especially for YouTubers who don’t have enormous audiences. The YouTubers with bigger audiences would benefit from SEO knowledge but they can generally get by without it. For everyone else SEO is a necessity if you want to get more views and subscribers effectively.

Most of the views on my channel don’t come from my subscribers, they come from the YouTube search results. Using effective titles, descriptions and tags will improve your channel. I have a whole video on how to rank better and get more views using tags so check that out, I will do more videos/posts on SEO if it’s requested but there is a sea of knowledge out there already that will enable your channel to do much better than it currently is.

I also offer video SEO optimisation if you’d like me to optimise your videos for you instead of learning about SEO yourself. Whichever choice you make, do not neglect your SEO because you are missing out on precious views.

5) Your Thumbnails Are Crap

If you’re using the thumbnails that YouTube generates for you then you need to step your game up. You can design thumbnails for free online using canva and other online editors or you can use a program like photoshop. Either way, do something.

Thumbnails need to persuade people to click on your video, what makes a good thumbnail is subjective but look at the videos you watch and click on to give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

6) Your Audio And/Or Video Quality Is Bad

If your videos are less than 720p and your audio sounds terrible then you need to step your production quality up. Audio and video issues are going to scare away potential subscribers because high audio and video quality is commonplace on YouTube. It’s very unlikely that someone will think you’re a diamond in the rough and recognise your talent under all your production problems.

Make sure your audio isn’t clipping and your video is at least HD and you should be fine.

Book a 1 on 1 YouTube channel consultation with me and check out my other free posts/videos if you want to make the most of your channel!

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