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Do you need personalised help to grow your YouTube channel?


Every day people give up on their YouTube dreams because of frustration. The fact is that it can be very hard to gain traction and grow on YouTube when you don’t have someone to guide you. I have spent years growing my own YouTube channel and the channels of my clients. I can help you skip the years of trial and error that I went through and grow your YouTube channel the smart way.
Having practical steps to take towards your goals is often the big difference between success and failure. In our 1 on 1 coaching session I will tell you exactly what you need to do to grow your YouTube channel effectively and turn it into a business. Getting more views, subscribers and creating new revenue streams will be covered in your session.
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I perform a SWOT analysis of your channel and find out what you need to work on to grow on YouTube effectively and achieve your business goals.

In our coaching session I will walk you through the steps you need to take to optimise your channel and kickstart your YouTube growth. You will leave the session with knowledge on how to get more views, subscribers and how to make more money on YouTube.

I will create an action plan that gives you step by step instructions on how to achieve your YouTube goals and turn your YouTube channel into a business.


The advice and action plan that I received from Jay Cartere is invaluable.

My consultation was such an eye opening experience on how to grow my YouTube channel because Jay has a way of explaining complex information in a concise, meaningful, easy-to-understand way.

In as little as 2 days, I have started seeing results from following the action plan that Jay designed for my channel.

I highly recommend his services.

Adrienne Elle - Tech YouTuber

Jays’s advice helped me a lot.

At first when i was at around 20 subscribers and 1-3 views a stream, I didn’t have a clue how to bring people to my channel but Jay explained about SEO and ranking higher in search engines - now I’m bringing 30-40 people a stream.

I've got 400 subscribers in three weeks with Jay's help!

Michael Chester - Gaming YouTuber

Jay’s consultation really helped to clear a path and see the direction I want to go with my channel!

He helped me figure out goals for my channel, and gave me steps to get there.

Our conversation was motivating, and it reminded me of why I started Youtube, which is to pass on knowledge to people who need it.

I now have the tools and resources to continue to grow, and also have more knowledge on how to create a business from my channel.

I can’t wait to book another session to learn more!

Winstone Crandon - Men's Haircare YouTuber

Jay’s advice has tremendously helped my channel grow to the stage where I can actually make money from it.

One of my videos is well on its way to 100k views and others are over 10k.

I put off starting a YouTube channel as I didn’t think I’d see success, but with Jay’s help it’s all starting to feel possible.

Definitely worth it!

Aysh Banaysh - Piercing YouTuber
I have created a guide that will show you how to grow your YouTube gaming channel and turn it into a business. If you don't have the budget for a 1 on 1 consultation/coaching session then this guide is a great option for you instead!
Niko Linni Gaming YouTuber

There were various things I was looking for more guidance on, such as what to do a gaming channel on, niching down, making money off of a channel, and more.

It's a very simple, straight to the facts book, and each chapter always has examples that help you out with learning how to execute those ideas.

Many chapters give you one or more options, and Jay's opinions and personal recommendation. In addition there were some pretty cool things I learned that I wasn't aware of that will help me out with improving my channel.

I'd definitely recommend "YouTube For Noobs".

It's a short, simple, straight to the point book with great examples, concepts, and ideas that can really help out someone looking for ways to not just improve on their channel, but how those improvements can help out over the long run.

Aysh Banaysh Piercing YouTuber

I knew starting a YouTube channel was a potential method I could use to grow my online business, but I didn't really know how. I had no idea where to start, what my focus should be and I had huge confidence issues in front of the camera.

Jay not only showed me what kind of content to make, but he taught me how to get people to watch that content using SEO tactics, thumbnails and social media promotion.

These tips not only helped me grow my channel, but also helped my business grow as many subscribers have gone on to become customers in my online store. Having more of a plan (as opposed to just winging it) helped me a great deal when it came to my confidence issues too.

I now know what I'm doing and how to use the content when it's filmed, so it's less and less nerve wracking every time I sit down in front of the camera!

While I've benefitted from several of Jay's products and services, I would recommend his book to beginner YouTubers as it throughly covers everything you need to know when starting out.

Once you've covered everything in there and your channel is growing steadily, I'd suggest a consultation or two to help you take it to the next level.

Gamer Grampz Gaming YouTuber

I had a strong foundation of knowledge from watching YouTuber's like VideoCreators, Roberto Blake, and Derral Eves. The problem was, I just didn't have information that was specifically directed towards gaming content creation on YouTube... only what I'd picked up from BC over at Client's Incoming (which was quite a bit lol).

Jay Cartere's channel content, but specifically this book bolstered the information I already had, and then fine tuned it towards gaming content. This book was simple (in a good way), and very informative.

It gives a wide array of information and suggestions that will definitely be useful to anybody looking to put up gaming content on YouTube (or even other genres to be honest)!

If I hadn't already spent countless hours ingesting other sources of information, this book would have literally been mind blowing for me with how much it would help.

The majority of the content is geared towards educating people at the very start of their YouTube journeys (which I am-- I'm just already balls deep into the research aspect), but I found more than my fair share of useful information that more than justifies the price I paid for it.

Overall, very happy with my purchase and look forward to seeing what Jay puts out next!

Christopher S. Pintado Gaming YouTuber

I needed help making simple thumbnails as well as good video titles and tags to rank in SEO in search.

Jay's thumbnail template really helped me make better thumbnails for my videos. His chapter on SEO really opened up my eyes about how important it is to rank in search.

I found Jay's book very simple and easy to understand and I love how he breaks down everything in sections as well.

I would recommend Jay's ebook to gaming YouTubers starting out because it's not about the gameplay all of the time.

They need to familiarize themselves with how YouTube runs and they need to put in the work and treat their channels more like a business cause YouTube will not do all of the work for you!!!