Here’s why slow YouTube growth is actually good for you

​My finger started pouring blood and I felt faint…

Over the last 2 days, I’ve spent all my time building new furniture from IKEA.

For some reason, I was under the impression that IKEA sold low quality stuff…but I must say, the build quality of this furniture was superb (sponsor me guys).


Everything went as well as I could’ve hoped…

Building the furniture took wayyy longer than I expected…but I started to get into a groove.

I started to enjoy using my new Bosch drill/screwdriver to screw nails into the wooden planks in SECONDS.

To put that into perspective…something that would ​usually take me MINUTES to do with a regular screwdriver was completed in less than a minute…

But, here’s the thing:

I got greedy and impatient.

There was one drawer left to put together…

And, the screws just weren’t going in like they were supposed to while I used the Bosch.

So…I pushed down harder.

This worked a little…but the screw still didn’t go in all the way.

It even bent in the wrong direction a few times…

I kept on pushing:

I pushed harder and harder, until I slipped and I found myself pushing the Bosch into my FINGER!

​That’s when my finger started pouring blood and I felt faint…​

But, I had no time to faint…I had to finish this project.

I quickly moved to run my finger under some cold water and wrap a plaster around it when it stopped leaking…

When I returned to finish building the drawer… I saw a bit of my flesh on the end of my Bosch drill…

This was like one of those scenes in the movies when someone gets injured…and they act fine… until they look at their injury and realise what happened…

I felt terrible…the pain started rushing to my finger, I felt sick and ridiculously tired…

But, it didn’t end there:

I ate some popcorn to boost my blood sugar and I got back to WORK.

This time, I used the manual screwdriver…and it was MUCH easier to get the screws in with this…

The point:

Sometimes moving slow and steady is the best way to reach your goals.

This is even more relevant when you apply this to YouTube…

Instead of trying to focus on making a viral video etc. you should be focusing on creating a catalogue of content that will be TIMELESS.

It’s a slower, steadier path that isn’t nearly as sexy as blowing up overnight..

But…would you rather be successful for a year…or have consistent success for many years?

I know which one I’d pick.

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All the best,

Jay “Holy Finger” Cartere

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