Don’t ruin your chances of ever working with me like this guy did…

If you read to the end of this email, you’ll learn some interesting marketing tactics…

You’ll also discover how NOT to ruin your chances of EVER working with someone you want to work with…

Let’s get into it.

A very weird interaction happened in my Twitter DMs recently…

I’ll share the messages (anonymously of course, he doesn’t deserve the promo) with you here:

Random dude on Twitter:

“Yo. You hit me with a tweet and it seems like you have a brand dedicated to caring about dudes w/ a desire to grow their incomes. So I have an offer…

If you sincerely want to help me overcome my self-management issue, you are welcome to coach me through it, BUT I will not BS you about the “realness” of my issues either. Meaning, “No excuses” is not a valid comeback w/ me. If I perceive the problem as real, its real.

So, consider it a learning experience: I can teach you about teaching in return if you are willing to make it conversational. I am a trained hypnotist and so I can reciprocate by helping you understand when I throw up typical “resistant to learning” responses that you see from people.

What do you think?”

Let me give you a little context before I share the rest of the messages:

I replied to this dude’s tweet, which was in reply to someone I follow on Twitter.

He said something along the lines of “I don’t know if what I’m doing is what I really wanna do…bla bla…Moany Mertle type stuff”.

So, I replied and basically advised him to figure out his “WHY”.

Because, if he answers that question then everything else will fall into place.

Then he replied with more excuses so I ignored the convo and went about my day…

I ain’t got time for that, buddy.

Does any productive person with goals have time for that?

Anyways, it didn’t end there:

After a little while, I got the message I shared above from this dude…

Basically asking me to donate a considerable amount of my time and expertise to him for FREE.

And, asking me to coach him along while accepting his excuses…

All while trying to frame this as an opportunity for ME!

Now, I don’t need to learn how to teach people…

I’ve taught many people already and I charge handsomely for my time and expertise…as one SHOULD.

(And, I constantly study GREAT teachers to continue to improve my teaching skillz​)

I also really don’t care about learning about hypnosis right now…

This is not an intriguing offer to me AT ALL.

Here’s why:

I don’t want to work with people who aren’t go-getters and grinders.

I don’t want to coach people through their excuses.

I give people the cold hard truth…and those that act on it, prosper.

I am not trying to be anybody’s mother.

And, I definitely DON’T want to do that shxt for FREE!!

But here’s the thing:

Even though this offer was as attractive as a pile of dog feces on a plate, by the window, on a summer afternoon…

I respected the copywriting and attempt at persuasion.

If you’ve read “INFLUENCE: The Psychology Of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini (you really should if you want to learn how to get your brand out there)…

Then, you’ll know what he’s doing.

But if not, let me explain VERY broadly.

He brought up my public commitment to “help people grow their YouTube channels and their incomes” in order to persuade me to remain consistent with that…

By helping him for free.

But, he didn’t count on me being a battle-tested marketing ninja…

I’m “supposed” to feel like:

In order to be consistent with my public declaration, I MUST help this random gentleman grow his income and his YouTube channel or else I’m a FRAUD!!


But sadly, I know my worth…

And, I don’t do things I don’t want to do. Especially for RANDOM dudes, for FREE.

So, here’s my reply:

“Nice copy – but no thank you. I charge very high to coach clients.

And I do not work with people who have excuses etc.

We would not be a good fit right now. I’m only interested in personally coaching people who know EXACTLY what they want so I can help them get there.

And of course, I do NOT coach for free and never will.

All the best.”

I thought it was pretty cool, straightforward, honest and respectful…

But did this go over well with the random dude asking me for free coaching??

No…no it did NOT.

Random dude on Twitter:

“Excuse me? “Nice copy”?

You thought that was copywriting? Like, “deliberate” copywriting? You serious? I didn’t say free btw. My time and advice on this topic is of value to you, but you don’t know it yet (as is evidenced by your use of the word “free”).”

This dude got offended…by my COMPLIMENT!

And, he’s GROSSLY overestimating his value to me!

I guess he didn’t do his research…

If I was some guy that never: taught anything before, produced over 2,000 videos, become YouTube certified, write TWO books, coach PAYING clients, deliver copious amounts of free advice to people getting started, create TWO courses… and, I could go on but the sound of my trumpet being blown is getting deafening…

But, if I was inexperienced and needed to try to teach my first student EVER… this could have been an juicy opportunity for me.

Unfortunately, (for this random dude) that is NOT the case.

I’m not some upstart “guru” on Twitter.

I do this shxt for reals.

My Reply:

“Damn, you are really angry for no reason. I compliment you and you respond like this.

I never want to work with you now.

Good luck.”

And, with a tap of my fingers, this competitive complainer simply ceased to exist. BLOCKED FOREVER.

I call that…mercy.

Here’s the lesson:

Don’t ask people for free stuff.

If you want to work with someone, offer something of value FIRST.

After they accept that and you have a relationship… MAYBE you can ask for help.

But, don’t expect anything.

Get your wallet out and be ready to pay…

It’s so disrespectful to ask someone to give up their time and energy for free.

You’re taking time away from them working on THEIR OWN STUFF… remember that.

If someone WANTS to work with or for you for free… that’s another thing.

For example:

If I saw someone GRINDING, putting a glorious amount of work in and I thought they had potential… I might hit them up to help them out if I have time.

But if we’re being real… I DON’T have time right now.

If you want my personal one on one consulting/coaching, you NEED to bring the BAG.

Because, it has to be worth me not working on MY BUSINESS.

And that’s a LOT. I LOVE working on my business.

But, there’s hope for you yet:

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Then there’s good news…

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All the best,

Jay “I’m Not Your Mother” Cartere

Jay Cartere

I’m Jay Cartere - a YouTube certified marketer, entrepreneur and author who teaches frustrated gamers how to grow on YouTube and turn their passions into a business. I went from poor AF to full-time online creator. Now I wake up and do what I love every day - and I want to help you do the same. When I’m not working I like to chill out with a good podcast, a good book or a good album.