The REAL way to make money on youtube

Your profit is more important than the amount of YouTube views you get.

There are channels out here getting a bunch of views…and making no money…how SAD!

What’s the POINT???

If you’re reading this, you want to be able to do what you want for a living right?

Something you actually enjoy??

Do you enjoy chasing views and scraping by to make a living??


Then stop relying on adsense for GOD’S SAKE!!

STOP this infatuation with getting more views…

ONLY the RIGHT VIEWS matter. 

Having a bunch of views can STILL leave you broke af cuz.

For example:

One of my viewers “Roar Talentz” is averaging about 40k views per video…but the money’s wack…

Roar Talentz even says:

“I get decent views but the pay out from adsense is horrible​”

Do you see now?

It’s time to get real and learn how the smart people on YouTube REALLY make their money…

It’s really business 101…


We SELL something!

Go and check the video descriptions of even the largest YouTubers…

If they’re smart, they’ll have links to something they sell…

Or something their partner’s sell…so they can make money FOREVER.

And, trust me, the money is 1000x better than adsense over here dawg…

This business model is EVEN more important for smaller YouTubers because:

You can make a FULL-TIME INCOME with less than 10k subscribers, without millions of views.

But, the truth is:

Most aspiring YouTubers are far too lazy to learn anything about business…

You’re obviously not in that camp because you’re on this spicy email list and that.

However, even if you’re a go-getting grinderrrr – you still need to understand HOW to sell stuff online properly.

And, one of the most important tools you’ll need is a shopping cart that does what you need it to do.

WooCommerce is NOT the way forward my g…

So what should you do?

Well, the video below will reveal the answer…

Watch it now to discover which shopping cart is best for you to start selling stuff and making the big bucks:

All the best



I sell a variety of things…

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But, there’s more:

The YouTube For Noobs” course also comes with 3 beautiful bonuses:

“Bonus videos and strategies”

These are 4 videos with specific bonus strategies you can use on your channel immediately to help you achieve your goals. In these videos, I tackle some common misconceptions people have about YouTube and I reveal the TRUTH!

For example:

How to create a SUCCESSFUL let’s play channel (it’s NOT by uploading as many let’s plays as possible..)

Why MORE dislikes can actually HELP your channel…(YouTube algorithm DECODED for NOOBS!)

And more…

You also get:

“Access to my private discord group”

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Jay Cartere

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