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How to do YouTube on a $100 budget

I just spent a RIDICULOUS amount of cash on paint and flooring materials… I was surprised at some of the wild prices… And, if you’re just getting into producing videos for YouTube, you might be going through the same experience. There’s SO MUCH equipment that you CAN get…and it can end up costing you a pretty […]

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Make better videos in less time

This email is gonna be a short one… If you wanna: Spice up your videos with title cards and words that pop up on the screen so your videos are more interesting… Record your screen, to share a tutorial that will help your audience and bring you more views… And, if you wanna use the same software I use […]

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Do more views equal more success on YouTube?

Many creators obsess over “more views”…because they think that more views lead to more success. But, you need to understand this very clearly: Sales >> views. Always. Having more views on a video does NOT mean that video will make you more money… If you’re ONLY monetizing your videos using adsense…then yeah, you’ll need to […]

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