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How to blow up on YouTube overnight

Releasing a video everyday is something most people aren’t willing to do… Most people aren’t fast or good enough at making videos to keep up with this work rate… But, do you need to put out a video EVERYDAY to blow up on YouTube overnight? Here’s the thing: I’ve been putting out a video at […]

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This BIG thing is keeping you from reaching your goals

This big thing is holding you back and you don’t even know it… You’re probably wondering: Why haven’t​ things popped off for me yet? Why am I not where I wanna be? Why don’t I have millions of fans waiting for me to create something new? And, the answer is not what you think it is… Do you wanna know what’s TRULY holding you back? You […]

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YouTube is down?

This year: ​YouTube has gone down… Instagram has gone down… Facebook has gone down… Discord has gone down… Twitter has stood strong (as far as I know) but, I wouldn’t be surprised if that went down too… Are you ONLY relying on these platforms to build your audience? Couldn’t be me bro… Here’s the thing: […]

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