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Make better videos in less time

This email is gonna be a short one… If you wanna: Spice up your videos with title cards and words that pop up on the screen so your videos are more interesting… Record your screen, to share a tutorial that will help your audience and bring you more views… And, if you wanna use the same software I use […]

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Do more views equal more success on YouTube?

Many creators obsess over “more views”…because they think that more views lead to more success. But, you need to understand this very clearly: Sales >> views. Always. Having more views on a video does NOT mean that video will make you more money… If you’re ONLY monetizing your videos using adsense…then yeah, you’ll need to […]

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Stop doing this to reach your YouTube dreams

Setting the wrong kind of goal is a common and dangerous problem for creators… If your “goal” on YouTube is to: Get more subscribers Get more views Make more money from adsense Then you’re making a mistake that will almost guarantee you won’t reach any of these goals… Most people that create these kinds of goals end up getting demotivated and quit […]

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Will your channel survive into 2020?

So, you wanna be “relevant”? I’m gonna explain why you don’t need to care about all that jazz if you want to build a full-time income and create a YouTube channel that doesn’t die out. Unfortunately, many new creators make the mistake of chasing the goal of being “relevant”… I blame channels like Ricegum, DramaAlert […]

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