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The Secret To The Law Of Attraction

I was scrolling through twitter this morning and I saw someone mention how *amazing* “the law of attraction is”… If you aren’t aware of these books/concepts, they’re based upon the principle that thinking positively and imagining the future you want will magically make that future become real. That’s bullshit. If you sit around doing nothing […]

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The truth about me…

​If you’re having trouble with your channel, I have a story for you: I must be honest… Before I started writing these daily emails I was DREADING IT. I didn’t want to add ANOTHER thing to the list of things I dedicate time to. But I STARTED… Which is something that most people don’t do. […]

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Going full-time on YouTube

​What do you NEED to go full-time on YouTube? Have you clearly written down your base living expenses? Do you understand that YouTube is a BUSINESS and NOT a job? Those are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you even THINK about going full-time on YouTube… Many people don’t even think […]

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YouTubers without websites are…

…Living on borrowed time. Your future is not secure. You’re not collecting email addresses and building your list. You’re relying on YouTube to allow you to have access to your audience… Doesn’t that sound scary to you? YouTube allows you to have access to your audience. You’re at their mercy. That’s why you see videos from some YouTubers crying about […]

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