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95% Of YouTubers are doing this wrong

​How efficient are you at creating content? Most YouTubers are inefficient as fuck… They film, edit and upload a video all in the same day – this is the worst approach. Instead, it’s more productive to segment the process… Let me explain. I use batch production to produce my videos. This allows me to upload consistently and save […]

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YouTube secrets of a furry gamer

Recently, “YouTube For Noobs” ebook reader Niko Linni hit the coveted 500 subscriber milestone on his YouTube channel. Now, I’ll be frank. Niko is NOT fully following the YouTube For Noobs system as I suggest… And I’ve (politely and correctly) told him off for this! If he had been following my advice to the T […]

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The YouTube academy

Last Sunday I decided to take a break. I ended up searching Netflix, struggling to decide what to watch. But my time is precious. Even my leisure time. So I always watch a few reviews before dedicating hours of my life to a new film or series. Then I realised something interesting: There’s a BIG […]

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Adsense is not for small YouTubers

Adsense is an unreliable mess. To make a MEAGRE LIVING off adsense you generally NEED at least a million MONETIZED views per month on your YouTube channel. It depends on the type of content you make… If you make gaming content you will generally get paid less. But if you make content around tech or business, you’ll get paid more because advertisers […]

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