Adsense is not for small YouTubers

Adsense is an unreliable mess. To make a MEAGRE LIVING off adsense you generally NEED at least a million MONETIZED views per month on your YouTube channel. It depends on the type of content you make… If you make gaming content you will generally get paid less. But if you make content around tech or business, you’ll get paid more because advertisers […]

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Shark tank for YouTubers

I’ve been watching A LOT of Shark Tank on Netflix recently. It’s a great show to learn while being entertained… If you don’t know what “Shark tank” is – it’s a show where entrepreneurs try to pitch their businesses to investors. (The UK version is called dragon’s den – you might want to watch that […]

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Sneak peak at my new course

Here’s the story: Over the past 2 days I made a mistake. That mistake made me feel quite foolish… What happened? Well, if you tried to purchase my book over the past 2 days, you would have seen something you shouldn’t have seen. Something that was meant to stay private… The launch page I was […]

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Sub 4 sub DOES work

I’ve got a secret to tell you. Some people assume that I used sub 4 sub to get to over 30k subscribers… That’s fucking stupid LMAO! Do you know how much effort and time that would take?? But here’s the thing: I DID do sub 4 sub when I first starting out on YouTube. (CLARIFICATION: […]

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