What does success mean to you?

​Everyone’s definition of success is very personal to them… Some people want to be rich as fxck… They want lambos… Mansions… Jewels… Baguettes… All that flashy stuff. Wanna know what my definition of success is? It’s very simple… Being able to do something you love…and make a living doing it. Having the essentials covered and having some disposable […]

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A vampire and Hitler walk into a bar…

​What do a guy with a face that looks like a butthole, an Irish vampire and Adolf Hitler have in common? Do you know? Here’s the answer: They’re all characters in an awesome, hilarious TV series called “Preacher”. Now, I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV… But when I do, I watch some […]

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Looks DO matter on YouTube

Your video thumbnails look like shxt, my friend. I’m right, right? I thought so… I constantly see creators making the mistake of doing TOO much on their thumbnails and ending up with a big mess. And, an ugly thumbnail leads to bigger problems… An ugly thumbnail means no views for that special new video you […]

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You dont need 4k watch hours and 1k subs

​Waiting for daddy YouTube to allow you to make money is not the life I want for you. This is a BIG mistake new YouTubers make because they simply don’t know better… By now, you SHOULD know better… Because I constantly preach about this stuff like it’s the second coming of Young Thug. But, there’s the problem: KNOWING that […]

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YouTube is back breaking work

I was in agony. I couldn’t bend over without feeling like my lower back was plotting to kill me… Don’t let ​the YouTube grind do this to YOU… I’ve been suffering from some annoying back pain for the past few months. The worst part was when I was working out and my back decided to betray […]

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