The Best A Man Can Get?

​Knowing WHO you’re making content for is essential…


Because when you know WHO you’re making content for, it’s easier to create content they WANT.

Let’s take the recent Gillette commercial that’s causing a bunch of people to be outraged for example…

Gillette makes shaving razors for MEN. 

Their tagline is “Gillette, the best a man can get”…

But here’s where it get’s interesting.

In their recent commercial, they focused on the negative aspects of *some* men…

  • ​Bullying
  • ​Sexual harrassment
  • ​The #Metoo movement
  • ​Toxic Masculinity

Their angle was “is this the best a man get?”

So why has this received a big backlash?

Well, it seems Gillette ​didn’t research WHO was buying their products well enough…

In the recent years, a lot of men feel like they are being attacked.

It seems as though masculinity itself is on trial.

Twitter activists and mainstream media outlets drone on with blanket statements about how men are terrible and dangerous.

Some men feel as though the world at large is trying to get rid of masculinity altogether and turn every man into a feminine “beta cuck”.


A large portion of men are already on the defensive, prepared for attack.

Then Gillette feeds into this by attacking the negative aspects of men, figuratively wagging a finger at men and telling them to be better.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not BAD to tell men to be better.

I tell people to be better all the time, it’s my schtick…

What matters is HOW you do it.

I’ll explain.

If you look back at previous Gillette commercials, you’ll see that they usually frame their message from a point of aspiration instead of condemnation.

For example in one of their commercials, they focus on what the BEST man does. 

  • ​He follows through on commitments
  • ​He’s introspective
  • ​He comes through in a time of need

Instead of coming from the perspective of what the WORST men do and what they need to change, this commercial is about what the BEST man do and how you can be more like them – by buying Gillette razors of course.

If they used THIS perspective with their latest commercial, it would have had less backlash.

But we probably wouldn’t even be talking about it…

So maybe Gillette knows WHO their audience is after all. 

And maybe, they intentionally tried to piss them off in return for all this free press…

The point is:

Discover WHO your target audience is. 

The more things you know about them, the better you can serve them with content they WANT.

Or, intentionally piss them off – if that’s your thing.

So, if you want me to show you how to create content that your target audience is CRAVING, I’d highly recommend you join my “YouTube For Noobs” course ASAP:

Jay Cartere 

Jay Cartere

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