Kid In MAGA Hat Vs Native American – The Bigger Picture

A kid in a MAGA hat is standing, smirking in front of a Native American (who’s playing a drum and singing in his face).

Outrage spreads across the internet…

People point to this clip and cry about how terrible the world is. 

The wild thing is:

They say the kid’s smirk is “violent”…

​If you haven’t been living under a rock recently then you’ve probably seen the clip I’m referring to – and the outrage that followed.

I can only hope that you’re also aware of the full story – not just ASSUMPTIONS.

Here’s the thing:

This short clip spread like wildfire. 

The narrative presented was that a class of white Donald Trump supporters were harassing a Native American elder…

But the truth wasn’t that black and white (because it RARELY is).

A few hours later, a longer video was released that revealed the bigger picture.

The class of kids were first harassed by “Black Israelites”. 

They were called “crackers”, “Satan” and other mediocre insults…

But there’s more:

After this happened, the Native American Elder approached the class. Singing and playing his drum in a kid’s face.

The kid’s response?

He decided to smile and stand…

Now I don’t know about you but when I see someone smiling and standing still I don’t immediately assume that person is committing harassment.

But I have to admit, I possess an ancient force that was thought to be lost to humanity long ago.

It’s called COMMON SENSE. 

That relic is almost extinct in this day and age…

I like to know all the facts before I assume or jump to conclusions. This is a controversial position to some people.

But even when I saw the small clip – all I saw was a kid in a MAGA hat smiling at a guy that was up in his face making noise.

I didn’t infer my insecurities and emotions onto the clip – which is what most people tend to do when they see something like this.

And if I’m being honest:

If some guy walked up to me and started singing and banging a drum I probably wouldn’t be smiling…

Here’s the lesson:

Most YouTubers only see the front-end of YouTube and not the full picture.

They see the larger YouTubers with millions of views etc.

And they think that’s the way YouTube works for the rest of us…

That’s why you’ll see many YouTubers trying to copy what the biggest creators do.

  • ​They’ll use clickbait titles (which are USELESS for new YouTubers). 
  • ​They neglect SEO (big YouTubers don’t need to focus on SEO as much as you do).
  • ​And they assume they need millions of views to make a living on YouTube ( you can make a living with a VERY small audience when you know what you’re doing).

The thing is:

When you don’t know what’s happening behind the surface and on the back-end of YouTube, it’s hard to model what WORKS.

You need to see the BIGGER PICTURE.

What you see on someone’s channel is like the small clip we talked about earlier.

As you should know, making assumptions based on limited information is NOT the best way to go.

That’s why in “YouTube For Noobs”, I show you the truth about what makes a YouTube channel tick.

You discover my step-by-step strategy to getting more views, more subscribers and making a living.

So you can fully understand and appreciate the BIGGER PICTURE.

Your videos are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to a YouTube channel…

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Jay Cartere

Jay Cartere

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