Successful YouTubers Are Producers… What Are You?

​I want to share something with you…

But first you need to answer a question:

Do you spend most of your time producing content?

Or, do you spend most of your time consuming content?

This is very important if you want to become a full-time YouTuber…

Let me explain:

Successful YouTubers are producers.

Their focus is to CREATE content to SERVE consumers (viewers, subscribers etc.).

If you hope to become a successful YouTuber you need to start living as a PRODUCER and move away from being a CONSUMER.

Producing more content than you consume is a good goal to have – especially when starting out on YouTube.

But that’s not easy.

If you thought this was going to be EASY, you’ve picked the WRONG path.

Here’s the thing:

You don’t need to stop watching all the great shows you love…

But you should definitely cut down on the time you spend doing anything unproductive.

Limit yourself to maybe 3 hours of consuming content a day.

And 70% of the content you consume overall should be EDUCATIONAL.

If you’re in this to win then you NEED to LEARN.

Dive deep into learning everything you can about YouTube and creating content.

Watch tutorials on video editing, marketing, YouTube growth and more…

If you commit to this, something interesting will happen:

You will cut down the time it takes to get GOOD at creating content.

You will become BETTER, FASTER.

So, of course, your channel will GROW FASTER.

And you will start to develop the habits of a PRODUCER…

And that’s the biggest thing.

If you want to become a successful YouTuber, you NEED to be a PRODUCER instead of just a CONSUMER.

It’s a fundamentally different way of approaching life… 

Uploading a video every 6 months won’t cut it (I see some of you doing this and then crying that you’re not growing…stop that).

Creating content should become like breathing air to you. 

A part of life that just happens.

And you get there by deciding where you want to be and doing the WORK.

You can always shorten the time it takes to become a producer by joining “YouTube For Noobs”.

If you adapt your mindset with my teachings and use the strategies included inside – you’ll already be ahead of 94% of gaming YouTubers…

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Jay Cartere

Jay Cartere

I’m Jay Cartere - a YouTube certified marketer, entrepreneur and author who teaches frustrated gamers how to grow on YouTube and turn their passions into a business. I went from poor AF to full-time online creator. Now I wake up and do what I love every day - and I want to help you do the same. When I’m not working I like to chill out with a good podcast, a good book or a good album.