These Are The tools that i use to run my youTube channel

These are the tools and services that I use to run my YouTube channel and my businesses on a day to day basis.



I use TubeBuddy to help me grow my YouTube channel with their SEO tools. This plug-in also saves me a lot of time with their bulk processing tools. Tubebuddy's many features have definitely contributed to my steady growth on YouTube. With their tools and my focus on SEO, I expect to see continued success.


I use Red Giant Universe to create the motion graphics in my videos. I also used it to create my intro. I use Magic Bullet Suite for colour correction in my videos. These plug-ins help me save a lot of time and they've also helped me upgrade my editing - making my videos better. They have trial versions of a lot of their plug-ins so you can try them before you buy.



I use Evernote to keep all my notes on video ideas, business ideas etc. I also use it to plan out my blog posts and videos. It helps me stay organised and on top of things.


Adobe Creative Suite

I use photoshop and premiere pro for all my YouTube needs. I also like using adobe media encoder to queue a bunch of videos to export together.

epidemic sound logo | the tools I use for my business and youtube channel


Epidemic Sound

I use the epidemic sound library to find background music for my YouTube videos.


I use Xsplit Broadcaster to stream to YouTube and Twitch. I used to use OBS but Xsplit has proven to have a MUCH smoother user experience.

xsplit broadcaster


I use Camtasia to record my screen for tutorials and videos. I also use Snagit to take any screenshots on my PC.



I use the Thrive themes & plug ins to optimise my websites to gain leads and make sales.

thrive themes
nitrado logo | | the tools I use for my business and youtube channel


I rent a server from Nitrado for Ark Survival Evolved on the PS4 for me and my Patreon supporters to play together.



I use Kit to show all the equipment that I use for my YouTube channel and recording music. As well as all the games I've reviewed. Kit connects to my Amazon affiliate accounts and allows me to get a commission if someone buys an item through my Kit.

convertkit email marketing


I use ConvertKit to manage my email marketing campaigns. ConvertKit gives me the ability to easily use complicated and interesting automations which are a pain to set up in mailchimp.

This essentially allows me to automate my email marketing efforts.


Krystal Hosting



 I use SendOwl to sell digital products like my book "A Gamer's Guide To Greatness"


I use wordpress to design and manage my websites.

wordpress banner | the tools I use for my business and youtube channel
amazon banner | the tools i use for my business and youtube channel


Amazon Affiliate Program

 I use Amazon’s affiliate program to earn a commission on products I use and recommend to my audience.

Amazon's affiliate program has one of the lowest commission cuts of the affiliate programs I've joined. I would highly suggest trying to contact a company directly to join their program rather than just using Amazon.


I use google forms to create surveys and application forms for my business. I use a google form for my coaching applications over on my Work With Me page.

I also use Google sheets for my accounting, Google Docs for my writing, Google Drive for storage purposes and Gmail for email.

I highly recommend google's services for any small business on a budget!

google logo

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links that let you help support me at no extra cost to you, in fact, many of these links may give you a discount!

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