The 5 Most Important steps To YouTube Success

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What you’ll discover in this course:

  • The secret method I use to consistently get hundreds of thousands of views in my sleep (this will bring you more views and subscribers FOREVER...)
  • How I make over $3,000+ a month with my YouTube gaming channel (with less than $1000 coming from adsense!)
  • Why nobody wants to subscribe to your channel (and how to fix this in 5 seconds).
  • The type of content you need to make to get MORE views and AVOID burning out (using this information will completely change the future of your channel).
  • The reason why playing more than one game is KILLING your gaming channel (and what you need to do instead for MAJOR results).
  • How you can make money with a small YouTube channel even if your channel isn't monetized (you will earn WAY MORE money from this than adsense).
get more views on your youtube gaming channel


Your Teacher:

I'm a *YouTube Certified* marketer and I live a life of ultimate freedom.

I get to wake up and do what I WANT to do every day.

But that wasn't always the case...

I used to be a broke college kid that had dreams of being an entrepreneur.

In 2016, I was close to being homeless…

I had less than $1,000 to my name and times were tough.

YouTube wasn’t paying my bills and things were NOT looking up...


I thought about quitting more than a few times…

But there’s more:

Learning from my mistakes, pushing through the hard times and creating a system that works consistently - got me where I am today.

Now I’m able to make over $3,000+ a month in my SLEEP!


Everyday I get to create the videos and content that I want to make - knowing that my bills are paid and my income is safe from demonetization!

Now, you don’t need to go through what I went through.


(HOV did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that!)

You can benefit from my daily tips, strategies and my experience if you sign up and enter your email after clicking the button above or below.

I'll send you DAILY emails about YouTube and online business.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel AND make a living doing what you want, then you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

“But why would you share your advice and strategies with anyone?” I hear you ask…

The answer is simple:

Because there’s more than enough success to go around!


The more YouTubers that become successful and build lives they love - the less bitter trolls we’ll get in the YouTube comments section!

I believe that If you want to make the world a better place, you gotta do it one person at a time.

Each YouTuber I help to become successful and live a life they love and enjoy - is another step closer to a better, less toxic, world.

If I can do it, in a robe, in poverty, in my bedroom - you can do it too.

Use the free course and my daily emails to grow your YouTube gaming channel and create the life you want to wake up to in the morning!

I’m looking forward to hearing your success story!

Jay Cartere

Founder, Grow On YouTube


What Others Are Saying:

Christopher S. Pintado Gaming YouTuber

I needed help making simple thumbnails as well as good video titles and tags to rank in SEO in search.

Jay's thumbnail template really helped me make better thumbnails for my videos. His chapter on SEO really opened up my eyes about how important it is to rank in search.

I found Jay's book very simple and easy to understand and I love how he breaks down everything in sections as well.

I would recommend Jay's ebook to gaming YouTubers starting out because it's not about the gameplay all of the time.

They need to familiarize themselves with how YouTube runs and they need to put in the work and treat their channels more like a business cause YouTube will not do all of the work for you!!!

Winstone Crandon Men's Haircare YouTuber

Jay’s consultation really helped to clear a path and see the direction I want to go with my channel!

He helped me figure out goals for my channel, and gave me steps to get there.

Our conversation was motivating, and it reminded me of why I started Youtube, which is to pass on knowledge to people who need it.

I now have the tools and resources to continue to grow, and also have more knowledge on how to create a business from my channel.

I can’t wait to book another session to learn more!

Taro Art YouTuber

Great video! Very logical and is the most useful one on this topic I’ve found so far

_SkaN_ Gaming YouTuber

Hey there, Jay.

Been using your SEO-friendly methods to title my horror gaming vids.

It ain't much, but now I'm seeing 2-digit views instead of 1-digit views on my latest vids.

Your tips have been a real help for me, and I'm gonna keep applying them as I try to grow my channel.

Keep up the good work, mate.

P/S: Can you make a video on what's the best time to upload vids? Thanks a bunch, mate.

DaRealLegend Of Gaming Gaming YouTuber

I’ve Been watching your content and been subscribed to your newsletter for a couple of months. Keep up the great content and I hope you’re able to accomplish all your goals. I have many passions like you have also expressed in the video and I have decided to take the same approach with my channel too. Looking forward to seeing the future tip videos and hearing some of your beats

Michael Chester Gaming YouTuber

Jays’s advice helped me a lot.

At first when i was at around 20 subscribers and 1-3 views a stream, I didn’t have a clue how to bring people to my channel but Jay explained about SEO and ranking higher in search engines - now I’m bringing 30-40 people a stream.

I've got 400 subscribers in three weeks with Jay's help!

Jaxsun Gaming YouTuber

Solid vid. I like that you’re adding content here that is aimed at helping people. That earns a sub from me.

YACKUMS Gaming YouTuber

Hey bro I came across your channel from a GTA video to invite people to club house.

I clicked your link and signed up for your email in regards to growing your gaming channel.

You give out a lot of great advice much appreciated! I have a lot of takeaways from your videos that I can't wait to use on my channel now.

If by any chance you have time to check out my channel and give out an honest review or critic to improve my channel would help me out a lot!

Just subscribed to your channel, once again appreciate what you do.


Your videos really help btw and I wanted to thank you for that!

I'm constantly doing tag research before making a video and applying many strategies to my title writing and description!

This helps me rank for numerous tags and helps me bring in lots of Watch time and new viewers from which I'm getting subscribers and it just generally helps me reach out to more people!

Making Moves With Matt Adams Business YouTuber

Thanks For The Great Advice!!! Will Definitely Be Giving My Channel The Needed MakeOver!!

Adrienne Elle Tech YouTuber

The advice and action plan that I received from Jay Cartere is invaluable.

My consultation was such an eye opening experience on how to grow my YouTube channel because Jay has a way of explaining complex information in a concise, meaningful, easy-to-understand way.

In as little as 2 days, I have started seeing results from following the action plan that Jay designed for my channel.

I highly recommend his services.

MaxGamer7 Gaming YouTuber

I was struggling with my stuff for a long time until I stumbled along your channel.

The best tip I've probably taken from you was doing tutorials and stuff that people would actually look for along with SEO!

This actually really helps over time so big thanks to you my man!

Gamer4Wife Gaming YouTuber

I respect your time man. You have helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.

Aysh Banaysh Piercing YouTuber

Jay’s advice has tremendously helped my channel grow to the stage where I can actually make money from it.

One of my videos is well on its way to 100k views and others are over 10k.

I put off starting a YouTube channel as I didn’t think I’d see success, but with Jay’s help it’s all starting to feel possible.

Definitely worth it!

The Money Management Finance YouTuber

Thank you for the tips, I need to change a lot on my channel hahah!

Jonny Webb Gaming YouTuber

When I first started my channel, I knew it would be a slow journey and that it would require a lot of hard work but I was ready and willing to do all that.

However, before reading 'YouTube For Noobs', I didn't know that I was actually making things harder for myself from the start! This book has helped me correct my course and focus in the right areas.

Firstly, Jay made me realise that my videos were not going to bring in new viewers and subs consistently. This is because i was focusing on gameplay videos or what Jay refers to as Hub content, content for your already established subs, when I needed to be doing guide or tip videos that would bring new people to my channel.

Secondly, my original plan was to get at least 500 subs before I started looking at using affiliate links or creating merchandise for my channel and brands but this book basically said what's stopping you from starting now and I realised that nothing is stopping me.

So I have started implementing links and looking at simple t-shirts to start promoting because you can start earning money and have a better income source before you get monetised at 4000 hours and 1000 subs.

And lastly, Jay has made me realise that although I started doing my YouTube channel as a hobby I need to think of it as a business if I want to break the chains of the 9-5 job and do something I am passionate about.

I would recommend Jays 'YouTube For Noobs' book to EVERYONE who is thinking about making a YouTube channel that they can make a living from and not just gamers.

His thoughts and advise do not just apply to gaming channels and will help anyone progress in their YouTube career.

Gamer Grampz Gaming YouTuber

I had a strong foundation of knowledge from watching YouTuber's like VideoCreators, Roberto Blake, and Derral Eves. The problem was, I just didn't have information that was specifically directed towards gaming content creation on YouTube... only what I'd picked up from BC over at Client's Incoming (which was quite a bit lol).

Jay Cartere's channel content, but specifically this book bolstered the information I already had, and then fine tuned it towards gaming content. This book was simple (in a good way), and very informative.

It gives a wide array of information and suggestions that will definitely be useful to anybody looking to put up gaming content on YouTube (or even other genres to be honest)!

If I hadn't already spent countless hours ingesting other sources of information, this book would have literally been mind blowing for me with how much it would help.

The majority of the content is geared towards educating people at the very start of their YouTube journeys (which I am-- I'm just already balls deep into the research aspect), but I found more than my fair share of useful information that more than justifies the price I paid for it.

Overall, very happy with my purchase and look forward to seeing what Jay puts out next!

Niko Linni Gaming YouTuber

There were various things I was looking for more guidance on, such as what to do a gaming channel on, niching down, making money off of a channel, and more.

It's a very simple, straight to the facts book, and each chapter always has examples that help you out with learning how to execute those ideas.

Many chapters give you one or more options, and Jay's opinions and personal recommendation. In addition there were some pretty cool things I learned that I wasn't aware of that will help me out with improving my channel.

I'd definitely recommend "YouTube For Noobs".

It's a short, simple, straight to the point book with great examples, concepts, and ideas that can really help out someone looking for ways to not just improve on their channel, but how those improvements can help out over the long run.

Simon Attwood-Cox Gaming YouTuber

I bought the YouTube For Noobs Ebook.

I didn't have any concerns when buying the book because Jay explains what it contained and what it can do perfectly.

I had no doubt this would be a great read!

The YouTube For Noobs system has helped me realise so many tricks n tips I never knew about which will help rank my videos better for them to be viewed by the many!!!

3 other benefits I got from the book are:

Learning about SEO and tags, getting inspiration and all round full of priceless knowledge! A must buy for anyone starting YouTube.

It’s easy to pick up and read, everything is laid out clearly for you to find what you need ASAP and the way jay writes is so inspirational!

I would 100% recommend this book, it's a must read for any new youtuber!!

I had no idea these tips n tricks existed let alone how much they would help!

Thanks Jay your a hero 😝

Aesthetic Gaming YouTuber

Chester recommended me to you and im grateful for that! I will be watching some of your videos and taking in as much info as I can to help myself grow. So ig what im trying to say is thank you for helping people like me try to grow their account.

Aysh Banaysh Piercing YouTuber

I knew starting a YouTube channel was a potential method I could use to grow my online business, but I didn't really know how. I had no idea where to start, what my focus should be and I had huge confidence issues in front of the camera.

Jay not only showed me what kind of content to make, but he taught me how to get people to watch that content using SEO tactics, thumbnails and social media promotion.

These tips not only helped me grow my channel, but also helped my business grow as many subscribers have gone on to become customers in my online store. Having more of a plan (as opposed to just winging it) helped me a great deal when it came to my confidence issues too.

I now know what I'm doing and how to use the content when it's filmed, so it's less and less nerve wracking every time I sit down in front of the camera!

While I've benefitted from several of Jay's products and services, I would recommend his book to beginner YouTubers as it throughly covers everything you need to know when starting out.

Once you've covered everything in there and your channel is growing steadily, I'd suggest a consultation or two to help you take it to the next level.

MaxGamer7 Gaming YouTuber

Thanks for the help on your last streams and your videos in general.

I'm starting to get ranked 1-20 for many various tags that people actually look for.

I do tutorials and research different tags and judge whether doing a video on that particular topic is good or not.

Starting to rack up a lot more views and watch time with this!


DISCLAIMER: I don't believe in "get rich quick" programs. If you're looking for a push-button system that will make you rich or do all the work for you without you learning new skills or putting in any effort, then this course is NOT for you. 

I believe in hard work, adding value and serving others with excellence and integrity. While the information in this course is based on real-world results, I do not make any guarantees at all about your ability to get results or earn money with my ideas, information, or strategies.

While I firmly believe this information can make a massive difference to your life and business, I also know that -- just as with anything else in life -- your results will depend entirely on your own time, effort, energy and commitment. My results are not typical.

The results you have read about in testimonials from my top students are not typical.  In fact, it's my opinion that most people who engage any "how to" or "improvement" course usually don't get any results at all.

I believe it's because they don't take action on what they learn and they give up after hitting the inevitable roadblock. If you want to succeed in anything -- including your business and YouTube channel -- you have to have a good plan, a solid work ethic and the ability to keep working toward your goals when you hit a snag.

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