Business or pleasure this weekend?

​By now, you should know that being a creator without a website is like building a house on quicksand… It’s not gonna end well. That’s why I’ve been creating a free series of videos that shows you how to build your first website from scratch… The next video in the series is on creating your first […]

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Wanna play Apex legends with me?

​I am bleeding as I write this email… There’s been potentially dangerous works going on in my flat for the past 2 weeks… But, none of that caused my bleeding… Can you guess what happened? I stabbed myself accidentally…while opening a package from Amazon. Very mundane, I know. This is definitely not a story I’ll be telling my grand-kids… […]

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How to start an online business for FREE

Being a YouTuber, in the mainstream sense, is dangerous and fickle. It’s not a good path for you if you’re broke and you want to make money ASAP… Here’s why: The adsense tap runs dry constantly (adpocalypse 3 anyone?)… Demonetisation can sneak attack your videos at any time… You’ll become a slave to the algorithm…which is VERY stressful and […]

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Solve all your YouTube problems with this ONE fix

​Every problem you have with growing your YouTube channel can be solved by one (extremely simplified) solution… Can you guess what it is? Every single YouTube channel should be doing this… It will increase your chances of making successful videos… When most “big” YouTubers STOP doing this, their channel dies… Got the answer yet? Here it […]

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