YouTube Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Yesterday I basically took Monday off… Instead of scheduling all my videos for the week and getting my weekly planning session done: I spent Monday learning about music production. Here’s why I decided to take Monday easy: All day, I felt ridiculously sleepy because I stayed up until 5am on Sunday to watch Game Of Thrones. Game Of […]

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A Long Term Successful YouTube Channel NEEDS This

​I realise I haven’t harped on about the importance of YouTube SEO in a while…let’s fix that. I saw some guy online say something to the effect of: “There are no strategies that will work on YouTube forever, the algorithm is always changing”. And, this isn’t the worst misconception to have…but it is definitely wrong. Optimizing […]

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What is your mission on YouTube…and in life?

​One of the biggest mistake creators make is not having a clear goal…a clear mission they’re working towards… And the thing is: When you don’t have a clear goal and reason WHY you create… It’s easy to become a slave to the opinions of others. Many creators fall into these pits of social validation… And, that is […]

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