How to make more, BETTER YouTube videos

Yesterday evening, I was FINALLY ​able to work on music production for over 7 hours. And…it was SWEET. I’ve been waiting for this moment for AGES… But, I also realised something important… I’m suuuuuper slow and inefficient at producing right now. Here’s why: I haven’t figured out my workflow yet…and I’m still learning how to use FL studio… And this […]

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How to edit YouTube videos for beginners

​Yesterday evening i spent over 6 hours putting my glorious new desk together. And, that’s not hyperbole…the desk is literally called the “glorious workbench”… I need a desk that’s BIG enough (for gaming, music production and editing) and this desk definitely fits that bill. Anyways, new tools, equipment and gadgets don’t matter much if you ain’t got the skills… This month, I’m dedicating my […]

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Social media is killing your focus, here’s why

Recently, I’ve been analysing where I’m spending (or wasting) my time… You’ll probably be able to relate to this… I found that I was wasting an ungodly amount of time on social media. Just scrolling…and scrolling…checking notifications…and all that kinda stuff. The worst offence was when I wake up in the morning: It usually takes me […]

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Easy way to get more watch time on YouTube

Watch time is the most important analytic to YouTube… That’s right… Not viEWs… it’s watch time buddy. So, if your videos aren’t actually being watched through – chasing views won’t help you. Firstly, you need to make content people want to watch… Got that sorted? After you make some objectively “good” content…there’s a secret method […]

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How to change your PSN name on the PS4

​I just had a nice lil meditation session before I started writing this email to you… I’ve been thinking about trying to incorporate meditation into my life for a while but never got around to it. My goal is to gain even sharper control of my mind and thoughts…and to discover how to give my overactive […]

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