Don’t make the same mistake I made…

This evening, I have a date with a dentist… After a decade of dodging the dentists chair, I’m going in there WILLINGLY… I’m even PAYING (handsomely) FOR THE PRIVILEGE… Last week, I had the first dental check up I’ve had since I was about 11 years old. (That’s over 14 years mate…I was prepared for some HORRIBLE news) But, there […]

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How to build an immortal YouTube channel

​There’s a common misunderstanding around what a “dead YouTube channel” is… By the end of this email, you’ll know the truth and how to benefit from it… Some people look at view to subscriber ratio to see if a channel is dead… Some people look at the last time the channel uploaded… Some people just assume that […]

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Why free advice is worthless

You and I both know I give out a LOT of free advice and content…   In fact, right now I’m releasing at LEAST 10 pieces of valuable content per week…   But, there’s a problem with this:   Most people treat free advice like it’s WORTHLESS…   They don’t act on the advice, or […]

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