I love mondays, here’s why

I hope you’re having a great Monday morning because I am… We both know most people HATE Monday…and you may be in the same boat… The reason behind this is because most people don’t LIKE what they do for a living. When Monday comes around, most people are forced RIGHT back into doing work they don’t love […]

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This email will help you make more money online

​Selling stuff online isn’t always easy… You have to build trust with a customer before they will buy from you… But, if you’re new to this online business thing, you might find it hard to build that trust. Here’s the thing: You can develop this trust through years of producing great, helpful content (like I do) but, that’s […]

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What does success mean to you?

​Everyone’s definition of success is very personal to them… Some people want to be rich as fxck… They want lambos… Mansions… Jewels… Baguettes… All that flashy stuff. Wanna know what my definition of success is? It’s very simple… Being able to do something you love…and make a living doing it. Having the essentials covered and having some disposable […]

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