YouTube saves me a LOT of money

Good morning young king (or queen). Or in-between…​ I mean, it is 2019. Here’s the story: Facebook closed my account last week… Let me clarify: They closed my AD account, not my profile or fan page etc. The automated system hit me (mistakenly, I believe)… So, I appealed the decision ASAP… Then, I was sent a copy and pasted message […]

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Easy method to get 30 video ideas in 5 mins

Have you ever uploaded a video that even crickets wouldn’t watch? Yeah, me too. In fact: I just scheduled a vlog to come out this week… And, I know most people couldn’t care less. But, that’s a video I’m uploading for ME and those (few) who are interested. What about the videos that you actually WANT people to watch? It’s VERY easy […]

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Are you a top 5 YouTuber?

This morning a short email flew in from “YouTube For Noobs” student Simon “Spattwood”:  “Thanks for the shoutout out on the email mate!My second video as attached ranking 3rd ten times!!! 3rd vid dropping today!!! “ Beautiful stuff mate! Simon is ranking TOP 5 for his key phrases AGAIN… And he’s JUST started his channel… It’s […]

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A common YouTuber mistake you can avoid easily

​Have you ever stumbled on a YouTube channel homepage that looked totally TRASH? You might be thinking about your OWN homepage right now… And, you’d probably be right in doing so. The sad fact is: Most YouTubers have a TERRIBLE channel homepage… Basic things are left out… Messages are unclear… It’s hard for a potential viewer to navigate… […]

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Why most YouTubers are broke…

I’m on a mission to help you go full-time on YouTube and do what you love to do for a living. Because the sad truth is – most YouTubers are broke… Less than 5% of all videos on YouTube ever get more than 10,000 views. Most people have NO idea what they’re getting themselves into […]

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Do dogs like YouTube videos?

​What do you think? Would a dog enjoy YOUR YouTube videos? The answer: I don’t know. ​And that’s okay. It’s okay to NOT know things. It’s okay to ADMIT when you don’t know things. So many people try so hard to not seem stupid by never admitting their mistakes or when they’re unsure. But the […]

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